IRISnet Published Instruction on How to Join the Genesis of IRIS Betanet

IRIS Betanet Bootstrap Process Has Been Initiated

Ever since IRIS Foundation announced the IRIS Betanet launch plan on Jan 17th, the IRISnet development team has been dedicating themselves towards the preparation. After nearly a month of hard work, Feb 11th, we are excited to announce the start of collecting gentx file to the validator community, which also implies that the IRIS Betanet bootstrap process has been initiated. Validators, who are willing to join Betanet Genesis, should submit their gentx files before Feb 25th. The ultimate result of the collection of gentx files is a final Genesis file, with which validators can join the IRIS Betanet from Feb 26th. Once the online voting power reaches 2/3, IRIS Betanet will be live.

Instruction on how to submit gentx.json is here.

What have we done for IRIS Betanet launch?

  • Rainbow App open public test, and release functional upgrade based on users’ feedback

Jan 21st, Rainbow App, the light mobile client for IRISnet, opened public test on Fuxi-8000 testnet. In response to the issues encountered in the public test and the feedbacks received, the Rainbow development team released PTR-v1.1.0 upgrade on Feb 13th by fixing the bugs and optimizing the functions. With the launch of the new FUXI testnet, the Rainbow digital wallet immediately migrated to it, and keep the public test running.

Rainbow PTR-v1.1.0 download link:
Note: To upgrade to Rainbow PTR-V1.1.0, IOS users need uninstall the old version before upgrade. Therefore, please don’t forget to backup your mnemonic for restoring your wallets after upgrade.
  • Announced IRIS rewards to the contributors of Fuxi-*series testnet

Feb 4th, IRIS Foundation announced a reward program to the contributors of Fuxi-* series testnet! A total of 51 validators contributing to the test network will be awarded approximately 6 million IRIS awards. The highest ranked validator will receive 496,000 IRIS awards, and an average of 110,000 IRIS rewards per validator.

  • Fuxi-8000 test network successfully completed its mission

Feb 11th, Fuxi-8000 testnet, the most complex test iteration of IRISnet, successfully completed all test tasks and shutdowned. Fuxi-8000 testnet has successfully passed three online software upgrade drills: smooth upgrade, patch upgrade, restart upgrade. On top of that, the performance test also achieved an average transaction throughput of 200TPS, and a peak of 500TPS. Meanwhile, the number of online validators also created a record of more than 50 validators.

Since then, with the great support from validator community, the Fuxi-* series testnets have completed their historical mission .

  • Release irishub v0.12.0, and launch the new FUXI testnet

Feb 11th, the first working day after Chinese Spring Festival, the IRISnet development team released irishub v0.12.0, with which the team launched the new FUXI testnet. Moreover IRIS Betanet will also be launch with this release. In the future, FUXI testnet will run the same software as IRIS Mainne and serve as a stable and free test bed for the developer community.

Feb 11th, the IRISnet development team published the instructions to validators joining IRIS Betanet Genesis in order to help the validators to prepare for the Betanet launch.

🚦 To follow the IRIS Betanet launch progress and plan, please bookmark:

What will we do next for Betanet launch?

  • Feb 25th, end of gentx collection, the final Betanet Genesis will be generated. Once the Genesis file is accepted by the community, IRIS Betanet will start to bootstrap.
  • Feb 26th to Feb 28th, IRIS Betanet launch with validator join, and once 2/3 of the voting power comes online, the IRIS Betanet will be live.
  • Mar 1st, release tokens to the private sale contributors. Open VIL (Validating while In Locking) program to private sale participants with locked tokens.
  • Mar 8th, release the award tokens to the community (translations, introduction of IRISnet articles)

As soon as IRIS Betanet starts, airdrop of IRIS tokens to the new Rainbow App users on IRIS Betanet will start 🎁 🎉, and also more awards to the community. Please stay turned!🤩

👉 Below are the official channels for communiting IRIS Betanet launch:

IRIS website:


FUXI Testnet: