Rainbow App For IRIS Testnet Opens For Public Test

The first digital wallet supports IRISnet

Announcement: The first Digital Wallet For IRIS testnet, Rainbow App, is open for public test on 21st, Jan, 2019!
Please visit the Rainbow (testnet) official website to download!

The Rainbow App in this article refers to the Rainbow App for IRIS testnet.

Rainbow App is a mobile client that is designed to support inter-chain multi-asset transfers and iServices consumption. This is another important product developed by Bianjie, the core dev team of IRISnet, after the Fuxi testnet and IRISplorer. And it’s also the first App for managing IRIS digital assets, which will give solid support to the Betanet launch and provides good user experience.

Compared with the traditional cypto-wallets for PoW blockchains, Rainbow App not only allows the users of IRISnet to manage and transfer their tokens, but also provides the functions of delegating their tokens to the trusted validators to participate in the PoS concensus, on-chain governance, sharing the token awards from inflation as well as transaction fees, and enhancing the network security. Moreover, it also provides the functions of cold wallet as well as watch wallet for enhanced security.

At present, based on the Fuxi testnet, the core functions of Rainbow App include:

  • Wallet Creation: Create a hot wallet, cold wallet and watch wallet;
  • Wallet Import: Import the wallet securely with the backup mnemonic;
  • Embedded Testnet Token Faucet : Embed the token faucet of IRIS testnet to get the test tokens directly.
  • Token Managment: Manage, transfer and query the IRIS test tokens;
  • Delegation: All the validators and their voting power rank are shown in the App. Users can delegate IRIS test tokens to a validator and withdraw them as they wish.
  • Transaction Tracking: Each transaction can be traced on the testnet IRISplorer;
  • User Settings: User-friendly design for address book, notifications and so on.


  • Rainbow App now is connecting to the IRIS testnet Fuxi. The test tokens here cannot be traded on the market.
  • The mnemonic is equivalent to the private key. To ensure the security of your assets, we strongly suggest users to write down the mnemonic on the paper and keep it well. We do not recommend saving or transferring the mnemonics through screenshoots and any other digital versions.

About IRISnet

IRISnet is designed to be the foundation for next generation distributed business applications. It is a Bonded PoS blockchain, built with Cosmos-SDK, that enables cross-chain interoperability through a unified service model. You can find more details about IRISnet here.

Good News!

When Betanet launches in middle of Feb, early users who download Rainbow App for the IRIS Betanet will enjoy attractive rewards! Please stay tuned!

Let’s download Rainbow App to participate in the Fuxi testnet:

  • Download and Install: Visit the Rainbow (testnet) official website to download;
  • Create and Backup: Backup the mnemonic after creating a wallet. Then start to use it;
  • Collect IRIS Test Tokens: Collect the test tokens from faucet of the testnet, and start your first transaction;
  • Delegate and Withdraw: Delegate your test tokens to the selected validators to participate in the on-chain governance, and withdraw them as you wish;

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to join IRISnet the following group.