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Jun 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Dear Friends,

IRISnet is named after Greek goddess Iris, said to be the personification of the rainbow and the faithful messenger between heaven and humanity. IRIS network aims to build the foundation which facilitates construction of distributed business applications. IRIS hub will provide iServices, which allow resources such as data service and computing services being invoked between blockchains.

In this month, We release a brand new version of Rainbow. Rainbow is the light-client wallet designed for IRIS hub. At the same time, IRISnet team keeps working on our testnet: Pangu. You can read more about Pangu in this Post:IRIS Testnet Updates: Codename Pangu. We also provide you with IRISPLORER for checking the status of their transactions and experience the process of become a validator in a public PoS blockchain.

The journey so far

We have discussed about Light-client in previous blog. The design of Rainbow is inspired by the concept of Tendermint’s light-client protocol. Tendermint’s light-client is much more efficient, especially when facing a large throughput and low block intervals.

Though this light-client is free from downloading all the block headers all the time, it’s not suitable to work as a backend server for wallet. We expect data to be cached somewhere and the staking history of each validator/delegator can be much more clear. On the other hand, we wish to provide users with a precise state of each transaction. Namely, tracking of the changes could be easy.

Wallet Architecture

As shown above, the server of Rainbow wallet is based on Tendermint’s light-client protocol. The Rainbow server is mianly composed of two important parts: API Server& Light Client.

Light client will do the standard jobs, like: certify new block, update validatorsets, verify the transaction proof, etc. It will make give user a better experience on sending transaction around. But due to the limit of blockchain architecture, light-client cannot deal with all kinds of requests efficiently. So, we combine the light client with another API Server to manage a backup of transaction history in database. In this way, we provide the user with the convenience of smart querying history.

What’s new in Rainbow?

Better Asset Management

Assets Display

As shown above, in this version of Rainbow, users could import assets from multiple blockchains. Since IRIS hub is still an independent blockchain in current testnet, you could only have IRIS token. We expect multiple assets will be available in the future. User’s assets are put into two categories: Available Assets & Delegated Assets. This new feature will give users a whole picture about his situation.

Smart Transaction Query

Transaction Logs

By default, the transactions are put into different categories: Send,Receive,Delegate & Withdraw. Users can easily search through any types of transaction.

Coming Next

Cosmos Team has published the initial version of Interchain Standards Token specification recently. You could find this spec on GitHub : Interchain Token Standard(ITS). ITS is designed as standard interface for transferring between accounts in Cosmos ecosystem. In the future, Rainbow would adopt ITS and users could monitor their assets on different Zones/Hubs of Cosmos.

IRISnet introduce a service-oriented infrastructure into Cosmos ecosystem and make services interoperable across blockchains. Our team is working on the possibility of extending ITS for querying state of iServices,smart contracts or NFTs.

Please note that Rainbow is still alpha version of our light-client wallet and we will be continuously releasing new versions every two weeks. We are working on the design of V0.3 right now, and community feedbacks will be reflected on next release. The security of wallet is key and we will do our best to keep user’s asset safe. The next version of wallet will enhance UI design and improve its performance on high-throughput.

To learn more about IRISnet or to discuss technical aspects of our project, please feel free to connect with us in any of our official channels below:




IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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