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To help the community members learn more about the validators on IRISnet, we are publishing a series of articles, each of which will cover two validators.

中文版本请见:IRISnet验证人介绍第8期 | 01node & Wetez

When choosing a validator to delegate, technical parameters such as self-bonded (the higher the better), uptime (the higher the better), commission rate (the lower the better), bond height(the lower the better)etc are good KPIs to review to get a 360-degree view on the validators’ performance. It is always a good practice to select multiple validators to hedge the delegation risk.

Following information can be found on IRISnet explorers including IRISplorer, IRISnet-Overview, Big-Dipper, IRISnet-P2P, Hubble.

These are the data on June 10.

Here come the stories on 01node and Wetez.


Who Are We?

Hello, my name is Claudiu, I am the node operator of 01node, we are a small team of experienced people (currently 4 ) .
We are based on in Romania and working on 01node as a core business, we are colocated in tier 3 accredited data centers.

Why Choose Us?

Genesis Validator and investors on Iris (also on Cosmos, Terra)

  • flat fee of 10%;
  • following best practices on setup and infrastructure (multiple sentrys, physical servers, ddoss protection, hsm, etc.);
  • skin in the game (self-delegation);
  • participated in iris incentivized testnets;
  • uptime leaders on GOS;
  • focus on security.

More about us: 1


Who Are We?

Wetez is the most professional team in the POS ( Proof of Stake) field. For institutions, we provide secure and efficient node management service; For individual investors, we provide convenient delegation service for rewards. Meanwhile, Wetez is a mobile wallet specially designed for PoS. It includes a delegation page, a reward page, as well as the transaction feature,. Moreover, Wetez empowers individual rights based on what PoS consensus brings.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Wetez has been involved in IRISnet since the testnet. We have sufficient experience to cope with upgrade and emergency situation.

2. Wetez managed the node right after the launch of Mainnet and has been included in the Genesis file. We have been running the validator smoothly till now.

3. Wetez has been actively engaging with the IRISnet developer community and has submitted several issues on Github.

4. Wetez has a rich experience in IT operation. We provide services for IRISnet, Cosmos, Tezos, ChainX and Loom.

5. Wetez has multiple sentry nodes to prevent DDoS attack and monitor the system and issue alerts when detecting anything abnormal.

6. Wetez keeps an eye on the latest news from the community and upgrade the system as soon as possible when needed.

Contact info

Twitter: @ Wetez_wallet
Medium: Wetez
WeChat: Wetez

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.


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IRISnet is a service infrastructure and protocol built on top of Cosmos that facilitates construction of distributed business applications.

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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