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To help community members know more about each validator on IRISnet, we are going to publish a series of articles with each article to highlight two validators.

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When choosing a validator to delegate, technical parameters such as self-bonded (the higher the better), uptime (the higher the better), commission rate (the lower the better), bond height(the smaller the better) etc are good KPIs to review to get a 360 degree of view on the validators’ performance. It is always a good practice to select multiple validators to hedge the delegation risk. Those technical parameters are available on IRISplorer.

Here comes the stories on and Cosmostation. Please stay tuned for more to come.

Who Are We? 2 is operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a highly skilled and dedicated team with decades of experience in the fields of software development, highly available IT infrastructure, cryptography and financial services.

We have been following the development of the IRIS technology stack since its inception, and successfully been running genesis validators on both the IRIS and Cosmos Networks.

Why Stake With Us?

We ranked #3 in the adverserial “Game of Stakes” testnet, which was organized by the Cosmos Network (1). During the testnet we demonstrated an ability to keep our validator secure and running, even during several network-wide attacks that took out other validators.

Our validator service is running on a highly-available and resilient infrastructure based on a hybrid architecture consisting of cloud scalability and local data centers for physical security. A detailed technical description of the setup can be found at our web site.

Our operational focus is on preventing double signing, while simultaneously maintaining a high uptime.

We peer privately with other proven validators, which means that a dedicated attack against us is unlikely to succeed in removing us from the network.

To be completely aligned with the interest of people delegating to us, we’re delegating our own IRIS holdings exclusively to our own service.


Who Are We?

Cosmostation is a IRISnet validator and ecosystem provider based in Seoul, South Korea. As a top-tier Tendermint validator, Cosmostation provides powerful tools for the Tendermint ecosystem along with stable node operations. Cosmostation is currently a validator for IRISnet, Cosmos, and Terra.

Some of the tools Cosmostation provides for the Tendermint community includes Mintscan block explorer, Cosmostation Mobile Wallet (iOS, Android), and Cosmostation Web Wallet 1. We plan to update our ecosystem tools to support IRISnet in our upcoming roadmap.

Cosmostation is a team of 10 developers, engineers, and dreamers united with one objective — to provide a universe full of useful tools and solutions for Tendermint-based projects. We make no assumptions about the power and potential of IRISnet, and we are ready to stay on the grind to do everything we can to contribute to the community. Stake with us to invest in the future of IRISnet and Tendermint.

Why Stake With Us?

Our mission at Cosmostation is “to bring IRISnet closer to the public by lowering its entry barrier.”We focus on providing validator node operation and ecosystem tools for the IRISnet and other Tendermint-based chains.

Without intuitive UI/UX, the usefulness or innovation of a technology could easily get lost in translation — especially with newer technologies like blockchain. With our past experience working with various chains and developing user-focused tools, we aim to fill this gap for IRISnet.

As one of the few validators fully prepared and fortunate enough to be an essential part of the IRISnet ecosystem, we believe that it is our duty to focus on not only stable node operation but also providing user-friendly tools for the IRIS network and developer community.

The ecosystem tools we are currently providing for the Cosmos Hub will be updated to support IRISnet in our upcoming updates. Our team is highly motivated and has the resources and expertise to operate sustainable services for the IRIS community.

A significant portion of our delegation rewards directly go to development of products for the Tendermint ecosystem. Staking with Cosmostation is equivalent to investing in the future of IRISnet.

Note:The introductions are provided by validator themselves and don’t necessarily represent a recommendation from IRIS Foundation. Please understand the risks of delegation before you delegate.

Coming Soon:

Happy Iris & Syncnode

🙌 Official channels:

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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IRISnet is a service infrastructure and protocol built on top of Cosmos that facilitates construction of distributed business applications.

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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