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To help the community members learn more about the validators on IRISnet, we are publishing a series of articles, each of which will cover two validators.

中文版本请见:IRISnet验证人介绍第4期 | Node A-Team & Cypher Core

When choosing a validator to delegate, technical parameters such as self-bonded (the higher the better), uptime (the higher the better), commission rate (the lower the better), bond height(the lower the better)etc are good KPIs to review to get a 360-degree view on the validators’ performance. It is always a good practice to select multiple validators to hedge the delegation risk.

Following information can be found on IRISnet explorers including IRISplorer, IRISnet-Overview, Big-Dipper, IRISnet-P2P, Hubble.

These are the data on May 27th, 2019.

Here come the stories on Node A-Team and Cypher Core.

Node A-Team

Introduction of Node A-Team

Node A-Team (Moniker: ATEAM) is a South Korean validator for Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint based blockchains including Cosmos Hub, IRISnet and Terra Money . Based on the knowledge obtained from past Cosmos Testnets, Node A-Team joined as IRISnet validator since FUXI Betanet to share technical expertise to contribute to long-term growth and overall network security of IRISnet as a validator.

By dedicating all resources to making validator nodes secure and strong, Node A-Team claimed winning rewards in Cosmos “Game of Stakes”, IRISnet “FUXI Betanet”, and Terra Money’s “Genesis Drill” to prove themselves as global top-tier validator.

Node A-Team promises to provide validator node operation services at the highest quality.

WHY choose Node A-Team?

Node A-Team puts providing trustworthy service to delegators as well as the growth of the IRISnet and Tendermint-based blockchain ecosystem as top priorities of operation principles.Providing highly-available and well-secured node service to delegators is, therefore, our key focus.

By delegating to Node A-Team, delegated assets are safely secured through globally distributed node architecture which also delivers high uptime. Node A-Team came in #3 for both uptime and accumulated stake during “Game of Stake” organized by Cosmos Team. Since then, the resources we use to deliver strong and resilient node services only increased, and will continuously discover new ways to provide the most secure service.

Formed with experts who specializes in infrastructure and security, Node A-Team monitors issues of IRISnet at all times. Our team prevents any behaviors that counters the benefits of delegators and Cosmos Network, which can cause slashing. If -by any inevitable reason- issues occur, Node A-Team will detect and analyze the issues immediately to prevent delegators’ assets from being slashed.

For more information about Node A-Team, visit or send us an e-mail to

Cypher Core

Who is Cypher Core?

Cypher Core is a collective of Blockchain enthusiasts with extensive experience in various professional backgrounds, striving to provide infallible opportunities for investors and consumers alike.

Why Cypher Core?

Based out of Silicon Valley, California, Cypher Core delivers industry-leading Staking services. With Grade A infrastructure support and highly competitive commissions, we aim to provide quality services at affordable rates. After being rewarded for excellent performance in “Game of Stakes” and for being a top testnet validator with IRISnet we’ve been able to translate this over with impeccable services so far on both mainnets. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our staking services, feel free to join our Telegram 1 for support 24/7.

Get in Touch
Telegram 1

Note:The introductions are provided by validators themselves and don’t necessarily represent a recommendation from IRIS Foundation. Please understand the risks of delegation before you delegate.


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Figment Networks 4 & Forbole

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IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.


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IRISnet is a service infrastructure and protocol built on top of Cosmos that facilitates construction of distributed business applications.

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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