Who are we?

Iron Compass is an independent game studio founded in 2018. Our team consists of 12 game developers, some of whom are established in the video-game industry, and others who are new to the industry but bring with them vast amounts of experience in the fields of media, art, and programming. Our mission is to create games with immersive worlds, engaging narratives, and enjoyable game mechanics.

We are currently working on our flagship game, Espial Online, a unique MMORPG that uses a procedurally generated environment and maritime exploration to craft a never ending adventure. One of our chief ambitions is to make the ocean a major setting for the game, populating it with interesting combat encounters, prospective resources, and fully explorable islands.

Iron Compass Games’ goal is to set up a physical studio in Britain, once we’ve raised our initial round of funding, but as of now we are currently using Discord as our virtual office. Where our developers connect and work together to craft a unique experience from around the globe.

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