IronFunctions — the open source serverless platform

After running a serverless service for asynchronous job processing for 5 years, we decided to take what we’ve learned and create an open source serverless platform. It’s called IronFunctions and it’s available today!

We believe serverless, or Functions as a Service (FaaS), will play a big part in modern software architecture. The ability for developers to write simple code and deploy it with ease is game changing. And the cost and efficiency benefits for a company to offer a serverless platform to their employees are huge. You can read more about serverless and what the benefits are here.

We built our company,, based on these concepts. We’ve been writing about serverless and running a serverless platform, IronWorker, since 2011. Even proclaiming that the future of software is serverless in 2012. And the world seems to have finally caught on.

Why Open Source?

There are a few reasons for doing this as an open source project.

  1. We wanted to provide a platform that people could run anywhere, and not be locked into a specific provider (including us).
  2. We wanted to build something that could be integrated with all the other amazing open source cloud projects.
  3. We wanted to be involved in developing standards for this new compute paradigm.
  4. We’re engineers, we want to build cool sh*t.

Try it out, give us feedback, contribute

Please try it out! The instructions for getting started are in the README at

We’d love to hear your feedback, please create an issue or join our Slack team to talk directly to us.

And we love contributions! Fork the repo and give us pull requests, there’s nothing we’d like more.

And lastly, this is an early release so take it easy on us, but we’ll be working very hard to get it production ready quickly.

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