Meet the Ladies

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Leslie LoftisFounder, editor, and contributor

Rachel Darnall — Editor and contributor

Melissa Langsam Braunstein — Editor

Dodi McVey Swayze — Copy editor and contributor


Georgi BoormanCore team member

slmgoldberg—Core team member (bio pending)

EdgeOfTheSandboxCore team member

One of the ladies below is Charlie, another team member, but you’ll have to guess. We will have bios and featured reads for them on the website soon.

Andie Clifford

Adrianne Truett

Kady M.

Trudy W. Schuett

Rebecca Lemke

Kitten Holiday

Lindsey Goeders

Utterly Purple

Kristin Leonard

End Times Mama

Elizabeth Look Biar

Elizabeth Rachel Finne

Brenna Siver

Ramona Saridakis Bean

Rory Riley Topping


Chloe Cuthbert

Anne Nichols

Jennifer Michelle Greenberg

Faith Loewe Lucas

Yini Chua

April Joy

Iron Ladies (for joint pieces by our writers)

To discover

We have a list for the #concurious on Twitter. It is a short list of right women who tweet with knowledge on a wide range of topics. Some are well known with many followers, such as Cathy Young, others are hidden wits, such as DangandBlast. Follow the list to see what you see.

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