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Michelle Obama: Women Who Didn’t Vote for Hillary “Voted Against Their Own Voice”

The Left is bent on finding ways to shame conservative women into silence or compliance.

I am offended. I’m not insulted or offended easily. I usually see the other side and then may play devil’s advocate. But today, I am offended.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said in a speech yesterday to the In Bound Conference in Boston,

. . . as far as I’m concerned, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice in a way.

. . . that we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, ‘That guy. He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ Well, to me that just says you don’t like your voice. You like the thing we’re told to like.

I do like my voice. I am an educated, opinionated, and thoughtful woman. My values are conservative, though, so apparently, they do not count. Nothing could offend me more than Mrs. Obama’s words above. My husband did not tell me how to vote last November, and if he did, I probably would have voted the other way just to spite him.

The Left is bent on insulting, crushing, and annihilating opinions that do not match their own. We only need to look as far as the nearest college campus, or apparently, the In Bound Conference, to see cultural censorship in action. While the Left has found a way to squelch conservative thought and speakers, they still struggle to find a way to shame conservative women into changing.

Their plan is flawed. Telling me I’m not engaged or intellectual enough to know how to vote does not encourage me, or browbeat me, into an immediate reversal of my core values. Quite the opposite. I am prouder of who I am than before the 2016 Presidential Election. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton because her policies are bad, nor did I succumb to voting for her because of her gender. I will vote — I did vote — for the candidate who represents me most. I am pro-life, fiscally conservative, and support limited government. That does not make me deaf to my own voice. It makes me unsupportive of Hillary Clinton.

The militant perspective of the Left Feminist Agenda to have all women conform to their way of thinking is dangerous to our society and culture. As the mother of two girls (and two boys), I feel strongly that my children grow up to support their own way of thinking. I hope that they will be conservative voices for their generation, but I certainly don’t want them to be bullied into supporting a candidate just because of their gender. Male or female.

If the Left Feminist Agenda truly wants to make a difference in the global community, they should focus on countries where women really cannot act on their voice. Let us take a look at Saudi Arabia where women cannot marry without permission, cannot open a bank account without permission, cannot dress how they would like, or even seek life-saving medical procedures without the permission of a male relative.

Sarah Trister of The World Post talks about the lack of women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region saying,

. . . laws against marital rape and spousal abuse are largely absent in the region, so called “honor” killings persist, and segregation and discrimination remain par for the course in educational and political institutions.

In Afghanistan and Yemen, a woman cannot leave the house without her husband’s permission. In Nigeria, a man can legally beat his wife. In Pakistan and Yemen, a woman’s testimony is almost worthless as women are not considered a full person in court. Furthermore, in Cameroon and Guinea, husbands decide where their wives will work, if they allow them to work at all. (Caitlin Dewey, The Washington Post, October 27, 2013).

In the wake of Mrs. Obama’s critical words about me (and thousands of other women who chose not to vote for Hillary), I am appalled and angry that she would spend her high-profile position and opportunity for change insulting me and my values. It’s high time the Left Feminist Agenda fights for what are actually alarming and horrendous situations for women around the globe. For me, I feel pretty good about my opportunities and future in the United States. I wish all women around the world did, too.




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