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The Collection: A little light reading for the holiday week

Politics, Healthcare, Addiction…

Since I skipped collecting links last week for some thoughts on journalism (my editor at Arc liked it and had me write another version for that magazine), the collection is a bit larger this week. But then it is also a holiday week here in North America, so more time for reading. And, no, it actually isn’t light reading. I even bumped religious liberty pieces to next week because this week’s collection had enough to be getting on with.

Viability of the Pro-Life Movement in 2017

by Kimberly Ross in RedState

Despite networking and publicity success, the pro-life movement has struggled to see political success, exhibit A being no major party fielding a pro-life candidate in 2016. Apparently this has caused some reevaluation and refocus at the top, notably with more focus going to women, as well as the racist origins and current realities of abortion.

Five Types of Trump Voters

by Emily Ekins in Voter Study Group

Moreso than other politicians, Donald Trump has a collation of supporters. That collation is not only diverse but divergent, a set of 5 to be precise, which explains why his approval numbers remain stable if low. Most of his mess ups are mess ups the public could already expect — the idea that the crew at MSMBC or anyone else thinks that last week’s Trump is not the same Trump they covered two years ago is absurd — and that his diverse collation has already accepted, or if not, likely only upsets one group of them. There’s not enough room for wild swings or drops.

The Real Problem With Nationalized Healthcare

by Rachel Darnall in Arc Digital

Government with a terrible responsibility.

Carrie Fisher’s Death Reminds Us How Drug Use Becomes Habit, Not Just Addiction

by Luma Simms in Acculturated

Shorter Luma: In our effort to be nice, in our attempts at what we assume is compassion, we fail the afflicted.

Making Ladders

by Sarah Hoyt

Back when I ran a blog, I linked to Sarah Hoyt all the time. And every time, I got the same kind of response, “Long post and I wondered what her over all point was, and then in the middle she blew me away.” So it is with “Making Ladders”, which really is a sequel to a post from five years ago, “Almost the End of the World”, both of which have a lot to do with my foundational thinking around here.

Democrats will keep failing until they do their own autopsy

by Mary Kate Cary in USA Today

Between nationwide losses and average age of House leadership, 76, Democrats need to get together and do some brainstorming and planning.

Variations on a Theme: Healthcare

Ginni Thomas interviews Newt Gingrich telling it like it is (GOP Senators are a bunch of sheep) about getting effective healthcare reform passed

The Forgotten $35 Billion US Healthcare Problem by Nicole Fisher in Forbes

GOP Governors Put GOP Senators in a Bind Over Medicaid by Rebecca Burg in RealClearPolitics

A Long Look

Colorblindness is Killing America by Nicole Fisher in Fete Lifestyle Magazine: The Patriotism Issue

From the Magazine

(It’s been a productive two weeks.)

Bring Your Daughter to Work by Kitten Holiday

It’s Probably Not the End of the World As We Know It, So Act Accordingly by EdgeOfTheSandbox

Why Absent Moms Matter by Rachel Darnall

Marriage, It’s Not About You by Rebecca Lemke

Dear Lawrence Kasdan, So you say you love Han Solo by Anne Michaela

Courtney Love, Better than Ever by EdgeOfTheSandbox

When to Blame a Group, or Not by Leslie Loftis

Toward a New Resistance: Part 1 and Part 2 by Trudy W. Schuett

Revisiting Haight Street 50 Years After the Summer of Love by EdgeOfTheSandbox

John Paul II Weeps by Anne Michaela

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