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Letter sent on Jul 16

The Collection: Almost right

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Usually some primary theme jumps out at me once I put this collection together. This week, however, there is a subtle common theme. There’s a lot of almost right, of commentary on good analysis with a wobbly conclusion. For the variations, it is more good intentions gone horribly wrong.

Tocqueville: Women Made America Great, and they did it without feminism

Maddie Mehr in The American Conservative

Compare Thoughts on Being a Jewish Wife from last week. Despite Tocqueville’s express mention of American wives’ submissive role, there is more insight contained in his observation that is obscured by our disdain for the term. I think it is easier to see in Jewish wifery for the lack of the term.

Purity Culture Isn’t Wrong For Loving Chastity But for Weaponizing It

by Rebecca Lemke in The Federalist

Legalism has been a pitfall of virtue since the beginning. When abstinence became the goal with its many and multiplying rules to achieve that goal, the unintended negative consequences rushed right on in. Some of the comments got into the discussion of how to replace this kind of sex ed, since giving up to the hedonist Tinder “Dating Apocalypse” isn’t an option. More on that soon.

Why Are Millennial Women Doing Worse Than Their Mothers?

by Julia Dent in Acculturated

I note that both comments on this piece jump on the student debt point and are of the ‘a good degree/job and you won’t have that crushing debt’ variety. In general this is not terrible advice, but when we GenXers were leaving college and grad school with tons of debt, there were jobs aplenty, 6-figure ones at that. Graduating from Texas Law in 2000, firms were competing for 2Ls. Eight years later, chatting with some 2Ls at one of my husband’s firm’s parties, students with top grades were competing for unpaid internships, that would essentially be months long interviews. The system that had churned out more and more college graduates at higher and higher prices to larger and larger salaries had stopped, or at least the salaries had. Students are still attending, and paying. (And somehow the fact that more women are going into debt for degrees they can’t cash is a sign of women’s superior life planning skills. I still don’t get that.)

How American Parents Spend Their Time

Melissa Langsam Braunstein at Institute for Family Studies

Creatively looking for flexibility, which is ironic given the next entry…

Grandparents Are Not a Risk to Kids Just Because They Are Not Up On the Latest Research

by Lenore Skenazy at Free Range Kids

Not so funny thing is, wait 10 years or so and the expert advice will change. For instance, my eldest is 13 and when I was pregnant with him, the advice was still to avoid peanuts. Now that avoidance looks like it might be the cause of the spike of peanut allergies in affluent countries. Nutrition guidelines have been upended. Screen time — although I’m quite cynical about that one.

Does Our Nation Still Offer Youth The Chance To Succeed Through Social Capital?

by Gracy Olmstead in The Federalist

About the David Brooks sandwich affair

Bikinis Finally Go Bust

by Georgi Boorman in The Federalist

The skin cancer and constant adjustment problems alone are enough to forgo the bikini.

A Deep Dive

(Usually a Long Look, but as it is summer, a Deep Dive seems more fitting)

Promoting State Leadership: A federal strategy for advancing high quality care and education for young children

by Katherine B. Stevens at AEI [note: see Arizona]

Variations on a theme: Misandry

The #AllardFallacy is back.

by slmgoldberg in PJ Media

Hopefully someone in a position to do so is intervening on behalf of those boys.

Taking the Red Pill

by Laci Green

My 13 year old son alerted me to this a while ago. I waited for commentary to include here, but now include her announcement.

Feminist Author to Fan: Have You Killed Any Men Today? Why Not?

by Jillian Kay Melchior in HeatSt

She started a crowdfunded podcast, The Misandry Hour. iTunes actually hosted it. Imagine the Misogyny hour. There is the Misogyny Book Club but that is a ironic title for a feminist book review. The Misandry Hour only lasted about 6 episodes, ending last summer, but that might change when Ford’s next book comes out. It’s a “love letter to her son” on toxic masculinity.

Summer Viewing

Black. Millennial. Female. Conservative.

In the magazine

We hit a milestone this week. Not quite five months old, Iron Ladies hit a thousand followers. True, it isn’t giant, but not bad for a publication run by a handful of conservative women writers in their spare time and without any well-known names or a big publication backing the magazine. Furthermore, this is Medium. Those followers are not the usual occupants of the right media audience. So we were pretty excited for a moment. And then we got back to work.

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