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The Collection: Gossip and open debate

The rise in the use of the anoymous source

by neo-neocon in Legal Insurrection

It wasn’t a thing until Watergate, and even then, it was discouraged. Now turning on the news is like opening a middle school burn book. (And yes, I note the irony of that piece being written under a pseudonym.)

Delusions of Gilead

by Cathy Young in Arc

The modern remake has run its course. As Young notes, “Besides costumed protests, the show has inspired much facile commentary on gender in America.” That it has, so she offers a more reflective look at its attempt to be the dystopia for our age. (For our other Handmaid’s Tale pieces — not facile commentary — see here, second series.)

The Immigrant Mind: Immigration and Identity

by Luma Simms in Philos Project

Fourth and final installment in a series on identity, and one I highly recommend. “People flourish when they know who they are — they need to know who they are; they are dehumanized when it is taken away from them. Only in today’s culture — in which identity is constructed out of plastic so that it can be reshaped — do I have to persuade people of such a thing.”

Leading Climate Scientist Says Debating Scientific Theories Would Be Un-American

by Julie Kelly in The Federalist

If the scientific consensus is as solid as they say, wouldn’t they welcome debate? Isn’t exposing flawed arguments a good thing?

Variations on a Theme: Constitutional Law

Ignorant about the First Amendment? Ask Miss Liberty by Jayme Metzgar in The Federalist

Grading Neil Gorsuch by Elizabeth Slattery in The Daily Signal

Summer Book

One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church by Gina Delfonzo

Summer Watching

What Do “Women in Liberty” Want? from Reason

From the magazine

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