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Letter sent on May 14, 2017

The Collection: Not just about moms

Carnations photo via the NYDN History of Mother’s Day link.

Recent Notes

This Is What It’s Like Speaking As A Conservative Woman On Campus by Karin Agness Lips | Forbes

To speak as a conservative on campus is to be challenged before, during, and after

Fake history is worse than fake news by Noemie Emery | Washington Examiner

Get the history wrong and it is easy to get the present wrong

Stuck in the Soap Opera With You by Heather Wilhelm | National Review

Just when things kinda sorta maybe were returing to normal, or something like it

Polis/Counter-polis: On the Civic Benedict Option by Susannah Black | Mere Orthodoxy

If the BenOp was written with continued liberal government in mind, is the argument obsolete after Trump’s election?

Variations on a theme: motherhood

When Mother’s Day Feels Like a Minefield by Leslie Leyland Fields | Christianity Today

The Many Flavors of Motherhood | 4Word

Don’t Fear The Brokenness In Motherhood, Or You’ll Miss Out On It’s Beauty by Gracy Olmstead | The Federalist

Happy Mother’s Day: History of a Holiday by Constance Gibbs | New York Daily News


A Brief History of the Christian Blogosphere with Sarah Pullian Bailey

A long look

Thirty years of talking about a problem by Leslie Loftis | Arc

A deep dive

Report: Working For Young Women: A Modern Agenda for Improving Millennial Women’s Lives by Carrie L. Lukas | Independent Women’s Forum

From the magazine

Stories from a Middle Aged, Middle Income, Middle School Teacher by Dodi McVey Swayze

Introducing BeerBro Enterprises: It will change. Your. Life. (A multilevel marketing satire) by Rachel Darnall

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