The Collection: Protesting the Protest and #BenOp

Week of March 5th, 2017

Photo of plaque at the feet of the newly installed bronze statute “Fearless Girl” on Wall Street via CNN.

This week was International Women’s Day and the “A Day Without a Woman” strike. This week’s collection has been the easiest to gather, as conservative women protested the protest by working Wednesday. The Federalist even had an all women lineup for the day — effortlessly, I might add. Joy Pullmann, the managing editor, had women’s writing to spare. (I mentioned in a previous collection that The Federalist is notable for its high ratio of women writers, a little more than half on the masthead.) Given the week’s output, this collection will be a little longer than usual with a few notes at the end.

Culture May Change but the Reality of Being a Woman Doesn’t by Stella Morabito, reviewing a new book by Ashley McGuire | The Federalist

“A Day Without a Woman” Strike Promotes the Idea of Women as Helpless by Katrina Trinko | Daily Signal

How “A Day Without a Woman” Could Backfire by Amanda Carpenter | Politico

Kellyanne Conway has no time for your sexist bullsh*t by Amanda Carpenter | Cosmopolitan *

Boys in Crisis: An interview with Warren Farrell by Alysse ElHage| Institute of Family Studies **

Should Bar Disciplinary Committees Conduct Political Fact Checking by Maya Noronha| Federalist Society

Education Freedom in the 21st Century? Not if you’re poor and living in Texas by Stephanie Matthews | Tyler Morning Telegraph ***

No, Stay At Home Moms Don’t “Waste” Their Education by Anna Mussmann | The Federalist

City of Rod by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig | Democracy ****


Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity a debate by The Heritage Foundation

Incompetence by Peggy Noonan | Wall Street Journal

*I provided two entries from Amanda Carpenter this week because one was timely and the other is the second consecutive week with a link from Cosmopolitan, which has figured out that its readers want some variety of perspective. “3 Millennial Women Explain Why They Support Ted Cruz” from last April by Prachi Gupta must’ve done well enough that Cosmo has done a little branching out. By the way, the three Millennials were Joy Pullmann, Inez Feltscher, now Stepman, and Allison Peregory.

**One of the issues of concern to conservative women is our sons. We worry that while pop feminism lies to our daughters by telling them their worth is tied up in their salary, it tells our sons they are worthless. I will add topic pages to the publication soon, and the first will likely be “Mothers of Sons.”

***I’m a localist. To enjoy the benefits of responsive local government, we need a revival of local news. So occasionally, I will feature local issues and papers, likely from Houston or Texas because that’s my home. Consider them inspirational as well as informative. (I will pick topics with relevance nation wide, just using Texas as an example.)

***This week a writer named Rod Dreher has a book dropping that the right has been anticipating for decades: The Benedict Option. I don’t have an advance copy, but from Dreher’s articles promoting the book and the early reviews, like Bruenig’s linked above, the book claims that society is against Christians and sets out a plan of preservation by villaging up and disengaging from political life. The buzz among commentators has been going on for months. Some love the idea, others hate it. (Most will misread it for their own ends.) Regardless, questions of what to do about the culture war will be en vogue for the next weeks, and possibly months. Look for many #BenOp tweets, posts, articles, and long reads. Bruenig is your introduction to the issue.

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