Open Enrollment

Welcome to Global Intiatives, Inc 2016 Wellness is a Choice Open Enrollment. Global Initiatives Inc. cares about YOU and understands that many of you are very attached to the health insurance we provide to you out of the goodness of our own hearts. As is so often the case with “benefits”, people sometimes may “take them for granted” and use them willy nilly with nary a thought of the negative impact on people around them.

We have developed some guidelines for you to keep in mind when trying to decide if you should use your health benefits. Remember, Wellness is a Choice!

1. Many people go to the doctor when they don’t need to go to the doctor. Don’t go to the doctor unless you really need to go to the doctor.

2. Many people put off going to the doctor too long, until things get really serious (i.e. expensive). Don’t put off going to the doctor if you need to go to the doctor.

3. Follow your doctor’s orders to a T, unless he orders tests and things you don’t need, or prescribes medicines you don’t need. Seriously doctors do shit like that all the time, ordering things you don’t need. In all likelihood you don’t need to do anything he says especially if it costs money. But please follow your doctor’s orders to speed your recovery so you stop costing everyone money.

4. You probably don’t need antibiotics, unless you do, in which case TAKE THEM ALL. Seriously, do not ever stop taking them once you’ve started unless you want to kill us all with a SuperBug. But you probably don’t need them. Unless you do. But probably not. We are legally obligated to suggest you ask your doctor.

5. Always second guess your physicians opinions because totally legitimate studies have shown they’re wrong half the time, especially when it comes to ordering tests that cost money. Demand justification for anything your doctor suggests you do, and then get a second opinion. Second opinions are great, and not just because they’re not actually covered by our insurance plan. Second opinions that you pay for all on your own are an empowering way to Embrace Wellness!

6. Don’t worry about offending your doctor with constant challenges to their diagnostics. Your doctor actually enjoys having arguments with you. It proves you are an Empowered Wellness Consumer.

7. People’s insurance premiums go up because they use their insurance. It’s your job to stay well so you don’t screw all your co-workers over by using your insurance and making their rates go up.

8. We understand that you may not yet be accustomed to Rejecting Illness and Embracing Wellness and are legally obligated to suggest that you call 9–11 or visit your nearest health care professional if you think you are having a medical emergency.

But keep in mind that we and the rest of your fellow employees might be disappointed if you made such a choice flippantly. No pressure. You do you.