Heimdall — Ticket to Imperial Throne. You Deserve It.

Heimdall, originating from the Norse Mythology, is the watchman of gods. He is the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian securing the entrance of Asgard. Standing on the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, Heimdall devotes his life to defending city gates from the attack of Giants.

In Imperial Throne, Heimdall will continue to be the guardian of our crypto world, impeding the intrusion of the outer world. Once you obtain Ticket-Heimdall, you will be able to mine ITT, recruit soldiers, join wars, loot treasures and be a genuine king.


Heimdall, developed based on ERC721 protocol, is the ticket to Imperial Throne. On the game page, the system will automatically screen for Heimdall in MetaMask, allowing players with Heimdall to enter. With Heimdall, players can experience the most thrilling and exciting strategic logic war game, Imperial Throne. Heimdall can also be exchanged and traded outside the game. According to the rarity of each type, Heimdall tickets are separated into three types including Heimdall, Heimdall-Rare and Heimdall-Legendary.


What else can Heimdall do?

If player purchases Heimdall on the official website, some ITT will be given for free. The rarer the Heimdall, the more ITT it has. Besides, Heimdall-Rare and Heimdall-Legendary are limited editions. Only a small amount of players can obtain. It is not only a ticket, but also an epitome of status. It’s collection value has immense potential which is beyond saying. In the future, players with limited Heimdall could acquire special privileges.


How to obtain Heimdall?

1. Purchase Heimdall on Imperial Throne official website. During the pre-sale, a certain amount of T·ITT (Test ITT) will be given for free according to the rarity of Heimdall.

2. Purchase Heimdall in collaborating digital Exchanges and community. The specific collaborating digital Exchanges and community will be announced soon.

3. Participate in official community activities to increase your chance of winning a free Heimdall ticket.

When is the pre-sale?

The sale of Heimdall is about to start. Join our telegram at https://t.me/IronThroneChat for the first hand news.

Imperial Throne awaits your exploration.

Visit https://ithrone.io/ for detailed pre-sale information.

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