Imperial Throne Cooperates with Cobo Wallet, Starting Its Ticket Pre-sale on Mobile Devices Today

Imperial Throne and Cobo Wallet, the world’s leading staking wallet, have established a strategic cooperative relationship. The two companies will integrate advantageous resources and jointly promote the game ecology of Imperial Throne. With the support of Cobo Wallet, Imperial Throne officially starts its ticket pre-sale on the mobile terminal today. Players can participate in the pre-sale by entering through Cobo HD Wallet. Players who participate in the pre-sale will also receive a genesis treasure box for free.

Imperial Throne

Imperial Throne is the world’s first strategic war game running entirely on Ethereum. The game’s assets and gameplays are on the public blockchain. Smart contracts are used to secure transactions in the game. Imperial Throne integrates diversified structures of tradition gameplays, and presents players with the most compelling and entertaining multiplayer war game running on the blockchain.

Upon entering the game, players go back to the medieval ages, where they can either be a lord of an empire or a leader of a tribe. They can bid for lands, mine the in-game token, Imperial Throne Tokens (ITT), collect rental incomes, recruit soldiers, initiate and command wars. They can summon community allies to fight enemies, loot treasures, and expand their kingdom!

Cobo Wallet

Cobo Wallet was co-founded in November 2017 by F2Pool founder, Discus Fish, and Dr. Changhao Jiang. Cobo Wallet, a highly-secure and asset growth platform, supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens and offers staking opportunities for many mainstream cryptos, including BTC, ETH, VET, LBTC, and more.

Cobo Wallet sees security as its core responsibility and value offering, and supports both custodial Cloud wallet and HD wallet options, allowing users to switch between the two wallets in order to satisfy the needs of different users. In addition, Cobo Wallet is committed to improving the Dapp ecosystem. Cobo Wallet supports ETH, TRX and other Dapp mainchains, providing users and developers with a friendly gateway to Dapps.

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