Imperial Throne — Introduction of its Gameplays

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Warfare is more than just organized chaos, but an art with strategy and patience.
Game Introduction

Imperial Throne is the world’s first strategic war game running entirely on Ethereum. The game’s assets and gameplays are on the public blockchain. Imperial Throne integrates diversified structures of tradition gameplays, and presents players with the most compelling and entertaining multiplayer war game running on the blockchain.

Upon entering the game, players go back to the medieval ages, where they can either be a lord of an empire or a leader of a tribe. They can bid for lands, mine the in-game token, Imperial Throne Tokens (ITT), collect rental incomes, recruit soldiers, initiate and command wars. They can summon community allies to fight enemies, loot treasures, and expand their kingdom!

Core Gameplays


Every player enters the game as a tribal leader who can mine tokens, train soldiers, participate in wars, and co-direct the war with lords.

A player can only take control over a piece of land via the in-game auction system. When it happens, the player is endowed to be a lord who has an exclusive right to initiate wars. Though, with great power comes great responsibilities. As a lord, you need to build armies and summon allies to protect and defend your kingdom.

Mine Tokens

Through mining, 60% of total ITT will be distributed for free to ALL players. Mining earnings are disbursed according to individual input as a percentage of total input among all miners. With a dynamic production mechanism, the earlier the players participate, the more they gain. Lords are entitled with double rewards through self-mining and rental collection. Whereas, tribal leaders need to rent a piece of land from a lord to mine.


Auctions of land use rights are held in the in-game auction house. ITT used to make an offer will be fully returned if there comes another bidder with higher offering price. Land use right is imparted to the player who makes the last offer right before the close of the auction. A Mythic Card-GAEA, containing an equivalent amount of ITT used for bidding, will be awarded to the player who obtains the right to use land.


The in-game marketplace supports free trade, where players can set up their own price, deal and withdraw their sell orders at well. When soldiers are badly needed for wars, players can obtain immediate ownership of soldiers through marketplace. Imperial Throne is creating a financial system within the game that mimics the real word trading platform.

Train Soldiers

Regardless of your role, every player has a barrack where he/she can train soldiers. A suppressing relationship is introduced between soldiers. Players can manipulate their relationships to surprisingly use few to defeat many.


Any player can participate in wars. During the war, players can station troops, execute strategies and change formations to fight for treasure and glory. Each war varies, as there are many factors that influence the final victory. Every war is a battle of psychology and an application of game theory. Together, players can experience the joy of war and plunder and immerse themselves in the thoughts of strategy.

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