Imperial Throne, The Most Thrilling Crypto War Game.

INFUN PTE. LTD., as a pioneer in developing and publishing blockchain games, is dedicated to the long-term development of the application of blockchain technologies in gaming. Leveraging its expertise and deep experience in creating traditional games, INFUN is now developing a seriously addictive blockchain based war game called Imperial Throne which encompasses various gameplays.

Imperial Throne is the world’s first strategic war game running entirely on Ethereum. The game’s assets and gameplays are on the public blockchain, which boasts equitable transactions and transparent data. Imperial Throne integrates diversified structures of tradition gameplays, and presents players with the most compelling and entertaining multiplayer war game running on the blockchain.

Upon entering the game, players go back to the medieval ages, where they can either be a lord of an empire or a leader of a tribe. They can bid for lands, mine the in-game token, Imperial Throne Tokens (ITT), collect rental incomes, recruit soldiers, initiate and command wars. They can summon community allies to fight enemies, loot treasures, and expand their kingdom!


A player can only take control over a piece of land via the in-game auction system. When it happens, the player is endowed to be a lord who has an exclusive right to initiate wars. Though, with great power comes great responsibilities. As a lord, you need to build armies and summon allies to protect and defend your kingdom.

A player can also be a tribal leader to experience the game freely. Tribal leaders can as well participate in wars and co-direct with lords.


ITT is the in-game token developed based on the ERC20 protocol which can be obtain through many Digital Exchanges, providing convenience and immediacy to players. In the game, ITT can be used to bid for land, to train or purchase soldiers, and it can also be invested to mine more tokens.

Heimdall is the mandatory entry ticket to Imperial Throne, which is developed based on the ERC721 protocol. There are three types of tickets: Heimdall, Heimdall-Rare and Heimdall-Legendary. Heimdall-Legendary is the rarest of all. Its holding value is beyond just a ticket, but rather it is an application of digital collectibles that holds boundless potential the same way as a physical collectible. Within the crypto community, Heimdall can be traded freely in the in-game marketplace or on the Ethereum blockchain.

Mythic Card, also developed based on the ERC721 protocol, is an epitome of royal status. The Mythic Card-GAEA serves as an ITT storage card which can only be obtained through auction. A percentage of ITT will be unlocked daily and available for use. The Mythic-Card collection will be periodically expanded. With the release of the Hero system, players can upgrade or add buff to their soldiers to boast up their damaging power.

Soldiers, developed based on the ECR20 protocol, can not only be dispatched to fight wars, but also be traded in the in-game marketplace. There are three types of soldiers including Archer, Spearman and Cavalry who counter each other. Utilizing the suppressing relationship between soldiers, players can take advantage, for instance, to use few to defeat many.

Game Features


Auctions of land use rights are held in the in-game auction house.

ITT used to make an offer will be fully returned if there comes another bidder with higher offering price.

Land use right is imparted to the player who makes the last offer right before the close of the auction.

A Mythic Card-GAEA, containing an equivalent amount of ITT used for bidding, will be awarded to the player who obtains the right to use land.


Through mining, 60% of total ITT will be distributed for free to ALL players.

Mining earnings are disbursed according to individual input as a percentage of total input among all miners.

With a dynamic production mechanism, the earlier the players participate, the more they gain.

Lords are entitled with double rewards through self-mining and rental collection. Whereas, tribal leaders need to rent a piece of land from a lord to mine.


The in-game marketplace supports free trade, where players can set up their own price, deal and withdraw their sell orders at well.

When soldiers are badly needed for wars, players can obtain immediate ownership of soldiers through marketplace.

Imperial Throne is creating a financial system within the game that mimics the real word trading platform.

Soldier Selection

Soldiers can be trained in the barrack. Each takes one hour to complete.

Only one type of soldiers can be dispatched each war. Thus, making the selection of soldiers extremely essential. Players can take game theory into consideration. For instance, the more soldiers fighting for the war, the higher the chance for players to win, but concurrently more assets are exposed at risk of loss.

Which soldier to train? How many soldiers to deploy to maximum profit and minimum risk? Players are presented with the most difficult choice. Through manipulating the available resources, players can defend their kingdom and even expand their territory.


Any player can participate in wars. There are four phases including Declaration, Troop Station, Attack and End phase. During the war, players can station troops, execute strategies and change formations to fight for victory.

Lanchester’s Equation is used to simulate wars and determine results, recreating the most thrilling and bloody combats.

Within the End phase, wealth will be distributed to players fighting on the winning side, according to their contributions. Part of the casualties can be revived and healed on the spot.

Technical Improvement Plans

Currently, Imperial Throne runs on the Ethereum network, which can be played on web browsers that support MetaMask including but not limited to Firefox and Chrome. In the near future, we plan to make a built-in wallet where players can login through social media accounts, allowing players to access Imperial Throne on any web browser.

As the adoption rate goes up and the system stabilizes, we will also launch a mobile Dapp so that players can enjoy the game on-the-go. While our current focus is to bring forward an unprecedented blockchain game design, we are also continuously researching into sidechains technology such as layer 2 solutions and plasma to lower gas fees and improve gameplay experience.

Future Game Plans

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