Devblog 14: Subscribe & Punch, giving talks and making shaders.

This week, another of our projects was put on greenlight, Nathan was asked to give a talk, and more!

FENO (@madebyfeno)


Subscribe & Punch

This week I worked on Subscribe & Punch. We’re on greenlight and you can vote for the game! (

My goal was to add some punch to the gameplay. I tweaked the camera, sped up the characters a little bit and spawned more particles.

I tried different types of camera shakes in order to make meaningful ones. I’m really trying to pass information to the player through this feedback.

I also worked on the AI of REPULSE with Keryann. More infos on his part!

NATHAN (@grange_nathan)


Learning Travel

This will be really quick for me this week as I am working right now on something I really need to finish as soon as possible. The next two weeks will be full of things to do for school but also some new things for IronEqual I’m not really used to.

I’ve been asked to talk about myself and IronEqual in front of a little audience from different companies. It’s called a “Learning Travel”, I think it’s a great idea from a FabLab called zBis. I’m really happy to do it as we’re all for sharing as much as possible about what we learn at/from IronEqual with everyone. I’m also not that great at making a presentation support. I’m learning a lot but I’m taking too much time making animations/putting videos everywhere. I hope it goes well, I’ll tell you next week!

BENJAMIN (@Valgoun16)


This week on Maze, I didn’t code so much : only some little code refactoring so Niels can tweak more easily the character. But I also worked on improving the maze generation. 
In the actual generation, the maze is composed of tiles of similar size. Therefore, it’s very easy to get lost. To break the conformity of the maze and make each one more unique, I plan to place some landmarks (created by hand) into the actual generation. This should help the players find their way into the maze.


Because I love shaders, I wrote 2 of them this week: (Warning: there’s alot of technical mumbo-jumbo on this part)

Animated 3D noise

To make some volumetric cloud I need to have 3D noise… but I want to animate the cloud, so I need to make a Animated 3D noise! At first I went with a 4D noise with time as a fourth dimension. But I then found another way using a classic 3D noise (and some tricks involving rotation and hash):


Wireframe shaders can seem easy to make, but most of the times you need to havde barycentric coordinates (a coordinates systems where the 3 axes are the medians of the triangle). The most difficult part was in getting the barycentric coordinates. I created a little script that mapped the UV of each triangle to the barycentric coordinates.

Substance Designer

I also did some Substance Designer. For my second substance I’m going for a brick pattern. I’ve only managed to get the basics shapes and some little details for the moment, nothing fancy.

KERYANN (@KeryannM)


REPULSE: Galactic Rivals neural AI

This week I’ve been working with Feno on some REPULSE AI!

As we are working on neural AI, we first set up the Neural System, which takes some Inputs in entry, for example the closer cube position, the closer player position, or if the AI is holding a cube or not.

Then through some complex calculations on the system’s neurons, it gives back Outputs, like the movement’s direction, the angle, the action to attract or not.

We have been trying to design an efficient trainer to review and grade all our AI, with a score system based on the AI actions, like its movement, the cubes it shot, if it was looking at another player and so on.

Finally, the trainer sorts them, keeps the best ones, mixes some of them, adds new ones… all of this to improve the global intelligence level. It’s just like natural selection!

Here’s one of our really young baby! He’s quite dumb but gives us hope! For a start it’s promising!

NIELS (@NielsTiercelin)

This week I did not do much programming or fancy stuff, as I mostly worked on designs for different projects.

Fear of God

One of those projects was “Fear of God”, a personal project I finished in November but didn’t released because it was lacking coherence an alot of other cool things. 
I’m not gonna tell a lot about it until it’s playable for you. I think I’ll write some insight piece/post mortem explaining my choices.

As always it’s gonna be a bit trippy:

See you next week with more awesome content!

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