Devblog 20: REPULSE’s new look, MAZE’s drones getting smarter, at 60+ FPS!!

This week we continued our progress on MAZE’s drones, and now have a better look for REPULSE (with a cool music visualizer)! 
Oh, and Niels is back from the dead.

FENO (@madebyfeno)



The drone is now properly working, avoiding all the obstacles (going up and down) and flying over higher areas.

REPULSE: Galactic Rivals

We tried some different inputs for our evolutionary AI with Keryann. Still trying to figure out how we can properly do that. Their motions kind of changed. MAZE’s AI ended their hangover, time for REPULSE’s one to get wasted away.

Subscribe & Punch

I tried to improve the “Hashtag” attack by making the projectiles bouncy, picking some random colors and increasing the quantity of projectiles.
The idea is to make the attack feels crazier & more impressive.

(colors aren’t good at the moment)

NATHAN (@grange_nathan)



This week on MAZE I took a look at a big performance problem that appeared between the last time we were at 30+ FPS, and now, where we’re running at like 5–10FPS.
It was some lights in the maze casting shadows and costing a lot of render time. I fixed it. We are back at 40–60fps+ youhou! Not perfect but we can now test the game again.

As we worked mostly in a “Whiteroom” map for Drone testing in the last few weeks, we didn’t see this issue until some artists were like “You guys know that the game is totally unplayable right now?”.
UE4’s profiler was again a great help to find the issue. Problem solved.

Have a nice week!

BENJAMIN (@Valgoun16)


This week on maze, I finished to integrate the new maze generation algorithm into UE4.
 We are investigating other ways to handle the maze’s generation, like spawning levels instead of blueprints. 
This would make the chunk production much more easier for the team, but the downside is that using levels may cause troubles when synchronizing the data between clients, whereas blueprints are replicated by UE4 to avoid these problems.

Ray marching

This week-end I started to work on a project for school on ray marching. Ray marching is a rendering technique pretty useful to make a large variety of effects like volumetric clouds for example. 
For the moment there is nothing fancy, but I’m going to work on it for the week.

KERYANN (@KeryannM)

REPULSE: Galactic Rivals

Hey! We are improving REPULSE’s graphics and it’s really cool!!

As we wanted the music and sounds to be really present in the game we made some kind of music visualizer around the arena.
Players can appreciate the music not only by hearing it, but also by watching it bounce through this visualizer columns!

NIELS (@NielsTiercelin)

Hey hi hello what’s up ?!?!!!!

Spring Cleaning

For the past 2 weeks I’ve done my best to finish all the prototypes I started at some point during the last year. If the concepts were too “weak”, I deleted them.

My goal is to get as much games finished as possible, and then release one each day, for two weeks straight or something.

Here’s a little one I just finished, “the life of a beepfish” :

beepfishes are known for making beeps

And also some screenshots of 2 other projects, because why not.


As you can see, these little experiences will be very different from one another!

See you next week, as always!