Devblog 35: Back to the roots, new office!

Our new format, with only visuals and no text didn’t work very well, so we’re back at our previous, and more successful one:

NIELS (@NielsTiercelin)

Hi hello hey hi,


As we already talked about on other devblogs, Nathan and I worked together on DODGECOIN, and released it at the end of last week. We’re pretty happy with what we did, and also how people responded to it! I really hope it will inspire more people to create games with cryptocurrencies at the heart of their design.

3 Unique Builds

I also released 3 brand new unique builds:
JESSE HAD A SHOTGUN, a survival-arcade game where I tried to do a “8- bit” game, playable with limited controls, visuals and sounds. 
The game is about consequences, with a very small, but elegant mechanic. You need to eat the souls from the green cadavers to keep on living, meaning that you have to kill the enemies coming at you. But once an enemy/demon is killed, its cadaver will stay here, blocking your way for the rest of the game.

I really like working on minimalist game designs like DODGECOIN and Jesse. Having an elegant game, in my opinion, provides a very special feeling to the players when they experience it.

O.O.O is missing, an enigmatic visual experience. It combines two elements I really like to explore lately: window resolution and multiple builds (as in .exe) for the same experience.

The 4 builds at the same time

Finally d r e a m c a t c h e r, a small thingy to relax and have fun with:

Travel endlessly, reaping thoughts and dreams around you…

FENO (@madebyfeno)

Hey everyone,


Last week I started to clean the level editor I did for Field Trip to reuse it on a new prototype called Robbers. So far it is kind of a downgrade but it’s technically a lot more robust & modular than it previously was.

New office!

A few weeks ago we moved into our new office. It is kind of empty but we made a good job to fill it with cardboards. Here are some memories from that:


I made some progress on the authentification system of IronCore & the safety on the server-side.

NATHAN (@grange_nathan)


As Niels wrote, we released DODGECOIN last week, and have already used most of our funds:

My article, about cryptocurrencies and videogames, is available on Medium too. If you haven’t read it yet I advise you to. You’ll learn something cool, I promise!

BENJAMIN (@Valgoun16)

Goods Train Fever

Hey, I just came back from a break to see my family and now I’m working on Goods Train Fever with Keryann. As you can see I’m in charge of making the assets of the game. It’s quite fun and challenging to do.

KERYANN (@KeryannM)

Goods Train Fever

Hey! This week I worked on Goods Train Fever, a game about trains! Last week, I wanted to put down all the gameplay basics, so now I am working on all the other features, the essential ones, as the orders, the trains departure the score …

Have a great day, see you next week!

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