Devblog 41: QA feedbacks, level designs

A recap of our first week of work with the five of us in our offices!

FENO (@madebyfeno)


Last week I made some progress on Fenalytics: using the wrapper I’ve made, we can now visualize some of our analytics.


I also started to build MAZE’s publishing deck and made some R&D for a contract work.

KERYANN (@KeryannM)

Hey! Hi! Ho! Last week has been my very first week working in the office and it’s really really cool and stimulating! To be able to insult my dear colleagues, to throw them things across the room, or just attack them with my lethal flicks really enhances our brotherhood and workforce!

Goods Train Fever

This week I had to work on Goods Train Fever, to repair the things that Nathan or Benjamin broke ^^ sometimes I think murder can be a solution, but I’m so lazy…

REPULSE: Galactic Rivals

Of course I worked on REPULSE! I did many little things that added up and took time, but it’s cool we’re reaching the end!

We can now “Select” or “Deselect” the musics in the audio settings to remove the songs you don’t want! (Still with old and ugly UI):

Here’s a place holder of a logo of the mode that is displayed below the players on the arena floor :

After some really exciting QA tests from our designated tester Nathan, I added among other things the possibility to pass the fight when there’s only bots remaining in the arena!

And just to prove a point, I corrupted one of Max’s .PSD ^^, we have lost some work time but hey I’m dumb so I don’t care!

NIELS (@NielsTiercelin)

Hi mom,


I made some level design chunks in MAZE! I have to thank Benjamin for making his LOD on the walls, giving me 30 more FPSs back to test the levels easily.
We have different types of chunks in the MAZE (depending on the number of intersections). For the moment I only made basic ones

Here’s what a maze looks like from above:

The little yellow dots are traps


I finished ROBBERS’ presentation and almost finished MAZE’s one. I’m slightly mad to see how stupid and badly constructed the guidelines we must follow for these presentations are. I hate spending a lot of time for people who clearly made a careless work.

NATHAN (@grange_nathan)


Goods Train Fever

Last week I worked on Goods Train Fever. Our next deadline is in like 2–3 days, everything needed some polish. I progressed on the Tutorial, we now also have visuals for it:

The tutorial did not only changed on the front end, Iused Feno’s Localization System to make it much more usable in the back end. We now only need to change the texts in a Google Spreadsheets and it will update itself automagicly in the game.

It’s so convenient that we are also using it for the Fun Facts. We changed a lot of little things that came from playtests: We worked on the UI Orders, moved the timers that were hard to see for right-handed players, made the game work great on more ratios than just 6/16 & 10/16 (with great black bars), added missing tutorials and made earned trophies appear in a more pleasing way.

Finally I also worked a bit on REPULSE with a guy (don’t remember his name but he was not that nice), I did a first QA session. The first of many to come. Here you can see a bot harassing another one, they love to do that.

Still a lot of things to do both on REPULSE and GTF, have a nice week!

BENJAMIN (@Valgoun16)

Goods Train Fever

After the first playtests we found out we had to make icons for every container type. Therefore, basic containers and tank containers now have an icon on them ( a cube and a triangle).

We started the integration of the UI our artist Geoffrey made, and I also animated a splash screen to present our logo and those of the companies we work with.

Eventually, I worked on the level design to make the first levels easier for casual players.


To increase the performance of the game, I implemented a very simple LOD system for the maze chunks. basically, when a chunk is far from the player we unload the costly wall component and instead we load a proxy static mesh.

Have a great day, see you next week!

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