Introducing MAZE, a cooperative first-person shooter set in a gigantic maze.

In MAZE you and your friends embody rangers coming from the moon to enfree the Earth, transformed by a super-intelligent AI into a giant maze.

Here’s a video:


As lunar ranger, you have a limited amount of time on Earth as your suit needs to be powered to breath & move. Your goal is to find the control terminal of the section of the maze you’ve been dropped in, and deactivate it.

To do so, you must explore the gigantic procedurally generated maze with your squad, craft some components to progress and resist against the drones and defense mechanisms of the maze.

We are building the game as a cooperative shooter, even if it can borrow some elements from survival games, MAZE is not one of them. It still is about exploring, interacting with your friends and the environment, and shooting at enemies.

Yes, The Maze Runner (and Time Out) are inspirations for the game.


We are a team of 10, working on MAZE: 3 Developers/Designers, 5 Artists, 1 Sound Designer/Musician & 1 Producer/Slave.

The game is built using the Unreal Engine 4.

We’ve waited to talk about the game because we wanted to ensure that we had the skill, time and talent to make this game. You can expect us to freely talk about MAZE from now on. In the next weeks, we’re going to present you multiple points of the game and show you what we’ve achieved so far.

We’re a small team of passionate game developers, we really want to ship the best game we possibly can. The little video you saw is a work-in-progress of the game, and we are really looking to improve it!

What about your other game REPULSE: Galactic Rivals?

REPULSE: Galactic Rivals’ team and MAZE’s team only share a small percentage of member. This means production time spent on one game won’t affect the other, everything’s fine!

What’s next?

We’re going to keep you updated on the progression we make on the game. We’re looking to release the game on Steam Early Access (after going through Greenlight) in the next few months. No official date yet. Somewhere between this summer and next winter. Our goal is to ship a fun, (kind of) optimized product. We’re then going to improve it with you guys and add content based on your feedbacks.

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