Yet Another Binary Day

Shôn Ellerton, February 10011, 11111100110
Waking up to yet another typical binary day

My alarm clock woke me up 10 hours before I needed to get to work. Got up and stretched and took my usual 100 steps before retrieving some clothing from the chest of drawers. Made myself 11 fried eggs and made enough tea for 10 mugs. Cleaned and brushed my teeth and walked to the train station, a mere 101 minutes away. The train only took 100011 minutes to get to Adelaide. It was a reasonably cool morning at around 1111 degrees Celsius. I had to cross 111 streets to get to my place of work and having drunk 11 cups of coffee, I needed to spend a penny or 10. By the way, there are 10 toilets in our office, 1 for each sex, not to be confused with gender because, according to some, there could be as many as 1100100 of those.

Got hungry again and grabbed 100 sticks from celery from the fridge along with 11 dollops of peanut butter. Only 101 people turned up today whereas normally there are 1001. Been a good 11 years since I started working here although there are some who have worked for more than 11110 years. It’s an aged group, many of whom are over 110010 years old. Got myself something to eat at a local café which set me back $1111 and picked up 10 second-hand books for $10100. Temperature grew much warmer and got to 11010 degrees, an increase of 1010 degrees from earlier.

Instead of the usual 11 things to do at work, I was tasked with something like 110, because sadly, 11 in the team weren’t vaccinated and, with the company policy mandating at least 10 jabs to be able to work, we were short of staff. Some of us have had 11 jabs but no doubt there will be a 100th coming up soon.

After sitting down for 101 hours straight, it felt good to be standing on 10 feet again and it was then that I thought about whether to travel overseas to visit family but the thought of sitting in a narrow tube attached with 10 wings and having to sit masked for 1101 hours along with 100101100 other people didn’t seem all that appealing. However, at least the airlines give you 11 square meals on those long-haul flights.

Such that it was, I resigned myself to another 100 hours in front of the computer trying to sort out some database issues with the criminal systems at the Court. We have at least 11100 courtroom sessions every day, and that’s not including the Magistrates court, so we have a lot of naughty people here in the state. We get at least, 10 murder trials every week and more often than not, if convicted, they’ll serve at least 10100 years behind bars. The naughtiest criminals often have more than 110010 charges to their names, which is why I have to deal with databases containing tables with well over 11110111111001000000 rows if you take in account all the outcomes and participants.

During the break, I read a report about the staggering debt of the United States reaching in the order of


This is hardly surprising when this has been managed by a government with a collective IQ of 1010000, equalling that of the age of the current president there.

Once I got home, I had to drive 101 kilometres up the road to catch up with a friend in which we got through, at least, 11 bottles of wine between us. Unsure whether I should have been driving or not, I kept to the back roads and ensured I kept the speed below 110010 kph (11110 mph) keeping all 10 eyes firmly on the road. It was getting late, and approaching 1010-o’clock, I read 100 short books for my son, but it took at least 11111 minutes before he dropped off to sleep. I then sat down and relaxed and watched 101101 minutes of something addictive but immemorable on Netflix.

Another 11000 hours and 1010111100 more words written, it was time to start, yet another, binary day.




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Shon Ellerton

Shon Ellerton

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