A Positive Impact on Your Business with Magento + AI Marketing

Mar 28 · 3 min read
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The power of artificial intelligence (AI) eludes business owners who resist implementing it, but its advantages greatly outweigh the challenges. AI technology enables businesses to analyze customer behavior and harness the data to increase site traffic and conversions. By creating a personalized shopping experience, AI marketing can make a website resemble a familiar store’s environment that engenders customer loyalty. The knowledge it can compile helps businesses target customers by understanding their purchasing history and preferences.

Putting AI to work online
By tracking customer data, AI can resemble an attentive salesclerk who wants to please a valued customer by presenting relevant advertisements, preferred coupons, and product recommendations. AI’s harmonious relationship with Magento 2 enhances eCommerce by enabling digital store owners to offer the highest quality of personal service to customers. The ability to analyze enormous amounts of data to predict an outcome resembles human decision making, but much larger amounts of information can be processed faster and more accurately.

With the ability to predict outcomes such as site visitor preferences, buying habits, average length of time spent in a store, and the number of abandoned shopping carts, artificial intelligence marketing helps digital store owners understand how to communicate with customers effectively. The intelligence-gathering potential provides a competitive edge that affects ROI and contributes to success. Magento 2 contains apps that harness the power of AI to measurably improve sales, conversions, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

Making a difference with AI marketing
Every successful eCommerce business thrives on an increase in website traffic, an expanded customer base, and growth in sales. AI can support the critical aspects of online business that let stores benefit from the development of new advances in digital marketing. As it makes the user experience more efficient and productive, artificial intelligence marketing also increases ROI by allowing digital stores to target specific areas of their customer base.

  • Enhancing the search function with voice
    Site content that contains terms users search for increases traffic to sites that perfect the art of keyword development. Innovations in AI allow response to voice searches as well, and a Magento extension can help keep webpages optimized.
  • Replacing keywords with images
    A picture or photo can offer a more precise description of a searched-for product than a keyword, and AI can interpret it with blazing speed. This is a uniquely effective way to attract customers who want the shortest route to finding a product, and it increases specificity and makes searches more productive.
  • Letting chatbots help
    The influence of a chatbot at checkout time can help customers complete a purchase by providing encouragement, guidance, or suggestions about upsells. It’s an approach that mimics a helpful and friendly salesclerk, and it can help customers finalize an order and provide them with a satisfying purchasing experience.
  • Preventing fraud and scams
    One of the most powerful features of AI and Magento is the prevention of fraudulent transactions and scams. Before the development of AI, store owners had to recognize fraud patterns. With the power of advanced technology, algorithms have a better understanding of models that predict fraud attacks.

How IronPlane can help
The online presence that your website creates defines your brand, protects your reputation, and generates customer loyalty. Our expert team employs powerful tools to help you develop a user experience that supports ORM, your online reputation management. The feedback that we facilitate guides your continued growth and contributes to expanding your customer base.


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