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Play-to-earn: How gaming’s revolutionary new business model works

Play-to-earn (P2E) is a new business model capturing the games industry’s attention - but how does it actually work from a systems design lens?

Business model transitions for video games

The Main Properties of a Play-to-Earn game

Play-to-Earn ‘Value Added’

The Pillars of a Play-to-Earn Game

Pillars of f2p and p2e games

A closer look: Economic Sustainability and Player Earning Power

Axie Infinity economic cycle
Axie SLP generation through its life time.
SLP Minted vs. Burned
Feature example to generate demand from existing players

A closer look: Minting Power and Marketplace Trading Volume

Dutch Auction Price-Over-Time Curve
Axie Infinity Revenue Split

A closer look: Perceived Longevity

Live Sports and NFT E-sport structure set up




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Khaled Alroumi

Game designer, interested about systems and economy design for games.