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The power of storytelling in blockbuster casual games

Om Tandon assesses the evolution of storytelling in casual mobile games, analyzes the factors driving its rapid adoption, and interviews a game storytelling expert

So, what’s the story?

Size of the pie: Casual puzzle games

With that said, what is the data telling us about the popularity of storytelling trends?

Why storytelling in match 3 games is becoming increasingly important

#1 Product & UX reasons

#2 Player motivations

#3 More genre experimentation among the puzzle gaming audience

Q&A with Lisa Brunette

Om: Why is storytelling important? What draws people to stories, the narration or the characters?

Om: Is modern day storytelling in mobile games different? (From console games or television)

Om: What in your opinion makes story-led, top grossing games so popular?

Om: What are the trends you foresee in most successful projects you have taken up to date?

Om: What advice will you give to game developers looking to create story-driven gameplay?

Om: Any other wrap-up comments?

Conclusion: Modern-day storytelling trends and insights



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