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What I wish I knew when building a new games studio

Sophie Vo, Studio & Game Lead at Voodoo, shares her key lessons from building up Voodoo’s new studio in Berlin


#1 There are no “quick wins” to make a hit

#2 If it takes more than a week to validate a critical assumption, drop it

#3 Testing your marketability early in development doesn’t always give you a guarantee of a good marketability later

#4 Starting over doesn’t mean starting from scratch


#5 Before evaluating someone’s performance, evaluate first their emotional state

#6 Your big value is in what you’re NOT doing

#7 Finding the balance between sharing too much or not enough

  • Is this information time-sensitive? Meaning, does it have to be shared as soon as possible before people hear about it through undesired channels?
  • Who needs to know? Everyone or is it relevant to only a few people?
  • How should it be shared? All-hands meeting or in 1:1 if it’s a sensitive topic and needs Q&A?
  • What will that person do with the information you shared? Is it about creating more trust? Is it about giving more context to make a better decision? Or is it just informative at this point?


#8 Take care of yourself before others.

#9 Make the stakeholders your partners

#10 Your main limit is your own vision



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