Yuki Terai, Director of Sales, Japan

Yuki Terai, Director of Sales, Japan for IronX on the Cover of European CEO

We are very proud to announce that the new European CEO edition is now available.

In one of the articles, Yuki Terai is covering the importance of the regulated exchange for the future of cryptocurrency technologies development, explaining the variety of tools and options that regulated exchanges may offer to potential contributors.

“A lack of regulated exchanges on which individuals can safely trade cryptocurrencies has only added to investors’ scepticism,” noted Terai.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies created quite the stir the last years, attracting the interest of millions around the world. The market capitalisation reached an all-time high of around $800 billion during the year 2017.

Despite a more extensive general understanding of digital currencies, there is still a significant gap in knowledge and trust. Terai thinks this gap must be bridged if prospective investors are to fully grasp the decentralised world presented by cryptocurrencies and blockchain: “It is important to note that our ambition is not to develop the latest cutting-edge technology platform, but rather to promote understanding by providing investors with the safest, most intuitive and accessible exchange.”

This article originally appeared on the European CEO website https://www.europeanceo.com/finance/ironx-regulated-exchanges-key-to-wider-cryptocurrency-adoption/