Clippings #47: Christians Experience Doubt

“Most Christians have at some point experienced a time of spiritual doubt when they questioned what they believed about their religion or God.” That’s according to a study conducted by the Barna Group, a firm specializing in spiritual research. Doubt is commonplace with 65% of Americans who self-identify as Christians. 35% claim never to have experienced such doubt.

“Millennials (38%) currently experience about twice as much doubt as any of the other generational groups (23% Gen-Xers, 19% Boomers, 20% Elders). Men are more likely than women to experience doubt (32% compared to 20% women).” Those who have been through college are twice as likely to experience doubt as those with a high school education or less (37% vs. 19%).

45% of the doubters leave church or worship gatherings. “Three in 10 adults stopped reading the Bible (29%) and praying (29%), while another quarter (25%) quit talking with friends or family about spirituality, God or religion. Millennials were significantly more likely than other generations to stop doing all of the above.”

Only 18% of spiritual doubters turned to their pastor or spiritual leader for answers. Doubters tend to turn to family, friends, the Bible, online resources, a counselor or a conference or retreat for help with their doubts. It is nice to note that. “For more than half of those who have wrestled with doubt (53%), the time spent asking honest questions about what they believe about their religion or God made their faith stronger.”

What do you think this means?

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