Thank you to all our amazing members

Without them, the club wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.

Since the club was founded in 2010, we’ve had some amazing members and officers that have taken the organization and transformed it from a scrappy team of engineers into a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and viewpoints working together to achieve a singular goal: to build the best robots that we possibly can. And now, as we announce that we have transformed once again, this time from a club on campus to an academy, all of us here at Irvington Robotics would like to thank everyone who is part of or has ever been an active member of our group.

Our 2018–2019 Season Members

These people will be some of the most qualified and talented people to be part of our academy ever. We are still processing applications, but just keep in mind that the trend of increasing passion continues in the teams for the upcoming season. :)

Our 2017–2018 Season Members

We’d like to thank Vasant Chalemcherla, Aaron Cheung, Aditya Rathod, Sainath Kesari, Xavier Paris Ferrer, Naveen Ravindar, Rain Sun, Patricia Cai, Daniel Guo, Alan Hong, Jared Hughes, Sidharth Khabiya, Yash Khatavkar, Yeiji Lee, Vicky Pham, Praveen Ravindar, Divyank Shah, Amit Bhat, Nathan Gong, Teresa Joseph, Kay Krachenfels, Eric Li, Sandesh Shrestha, Erick Ti, Wiley Tong, Shrijani Vemulapally, Kanishk Chinna, Philip Chu, Patrick Ding, Eric Jensen, Suhel Keswani, Kylie O’Shaughnessy, Ansh Verma, Laura Wong, Patrick Wu, and Alexander Zhu for their active participation and continued attendance to club meetings and events.

We also managed to pull off an amazing tournament thanks to the strength of our organizers, officers, and members:

Match footage from our archives.
Photos of the competition in action.

Our 2016–2017 Season Members

Thank you Mary Xu, Rain Sun, Xavier Paris Ferrer, Sainath Kesari, Yeiji Lee, Aditya Rathod, Erick Ti, Sidharth Khabiya, Naveen Ravindar, Vicky Pham, Weyxin Ly, Alan Hong, Laura Wong, Michelle Brown, Aaron Cheung, Sandesh Shrestha, Daniel Xiong, Nathan Gong, Kimberly Wong, John Leng, Patrick Ding, for your collective work in laying the groundwork for the club in the future.

Our 2015–2016 Season Members

Thank you Owen Yang, Sidharth Khabiya, Aditya Rathod, Sainath Kesari, Amit Bhat, Weyxin Ly, Evan Luu, Wang XiAn, Mary Xu, Joshua Hsin, Eric Nguyen, Alan Hong, Alexander Zhu, Erick Ti, Bill Liu, Divyanshu Tripathy, Benjamin Tu, Vasant Chalemcherla, Shreya Vajragiri, Allison Zheng, Vikram Bhagavatula, Xavier Paris Ferrer, Ishan Rao, Kimberly Wong, Derek Ye, Weipeng Xie, Suryaa Murali, Prateek Asthana, Abhinav Selvaraj, Cindy Lee, and Taishi Painter for their pioneering commitment into the world of VEX Robotics. This was the first year we competed in the VEX Robotics Competition, having come from a long FTC legacy, but our dynamic team members quickly bridged the gap, making alliances and forming strategies during robotics events.

Legacy/Founding Members

And for those of you who competed when FTC was a thing within the club, we just want you to know that you are remembered and that the club would not exist without the hard work of you all.

This article was written by @AppleCrazy, our webmaster for two years running. He manages club websites, social media, and this blog.