Iryo Teams Up with Adriatic Slovenica

After partnering with Tying Vines Inc. to test drive the prototype, Iryo is joining forces with one of the largest insurance companies in Slovenia, Adriatic Slovenica, to offer patients efficient and safer access to their health records.

Users of healthcare services are eagerly awaiting benefits of digitization in healthcare services and in health insurance. Both sectors lag behind in digital development compared to other industries, which is why we wish to be the frontrunners or even co-creators of advancements in practice. In Iryo, we found a forward-thinking strategic partner who shares our views on the needed paradigm shift around the patient experience in the healthcare system and our high expectations of healthcare data protection and ownership in the future,” says Gabrijel Škof, President of the Management Board of Adriatic Slovenica.

The government of Slovenia recognized Iryo among one of the projects for a sustainable future in the “Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” government report. The partnership with Adriatic Slovenica will act as the first commercial integration into the Iryo Network:

Tying Vines Inc., was introduced to Iryo by Brian de Francesca, CEO of the telemedical company Ver2. In this partnership, Iryo will provide the IT infrastructure needed to improve the quality of healthcare for the refugees in the camps in the Middle East.

Melissa Mitchell, head of Walk With Me which is operated by Tying Vines, believes this will have a massive impact on medical care provided within refugee camps: “Our clinic might staff a general practitioner, but with the Iryo and Ver2 partnerships, we can now link patients with specialized care in almost any area. This transforms on-the-ground care, while keeping costs low, and facilitating opportunities for medical professionals and education experts to help from anywhere in the world; an incredible way to walk with us on the journey.”

During the preliminary research phase of Iryo, the decision was made to dedicate a substantial portion of Iryo’s efforts to improving the foundational elements that will be needed in order to improve and advance modern day medical research. As part of the yearly inflation, Iryo will dedicate a minimum of 50% of the newly minted Iryo tokens to internal or external medical R&D initiatives that will pave the way for new innovative products. The first practical example of that is the partnership with the Ljubljana Simulation Centre, with which Iryo’s special team of IT-researchers is developing one of the first practical cases of augmented reality in the medical world.

The partnership with Adriatic Slovenica is an additional step for the implementation of Iryo’s vision to improve healthcare globally, and turn into reality the primary vision of offering patients a better user experience.