Slovenia: Home to the First Official Blockchain Monument

Now you will never forget where Iryo was born: in the city with the world’s first official bitcoin monument. The monument is positioned in the middle of a roundabout, to symbolize decentralized connections. “These not only allow access to a singular point but also enable a passage to starting points that grant access to many further paths for individuals,” states the official webpage of the monument.

Credit: Andrej Trček

The monument was financially supported by Bitstamp, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, and Iryo’s seed VC — 3fs, a bleeding-edge IT company. Founders of both companies are born in Kranj, Slovenia.

Slovenia is a tiny country with a big punch in the blockchain world. In October, 2017, the prime minister of Slovenia, Miro Cerar, announced that Slovenia aims to position the country as the leading destination of Blockchain technology in the European Union (EU). The government is also studying potential applications of the technology in public administration. “We have fantastic blockchain startups, we have extremely influential blockchain and ICO individuals and our government is very friendly towards blockchain business. Having the first analogue monument of blockchain tech in Slovenia, in Kranj, just proves how passionate we are about the tech and its possibilities,” says the CEO of 3fs Andraž Logar.

3fs has been supporting their clients with blockchain knowhow for quite some time. Andraž Logar is convinced that blockchain is one of the most exciting future and present technology enablers. “Blockchain’s maturity has come a long way since the original idea from 1991. So, the monument is an analogue form of saying: Thank you, authors of blockchain. Thank you Stuart Haber, thank you W. Scott Stornetta. And thank you bitcoin authors,” says Logar.