Meet the core team behind Iryo.

Iryo is a Slovenian blockchain startup centered around improving the state of technology in healthcare. Iryo was created with the purpose of building a global participatory healthcare network with the patient firmly in the centre and more importantly, in total control of his personal medical data.

The core Iryo team with some of the advisors. From left to right: back row: CEO Vasja Bočko, Business Developer and Healthcare Communications Manager Tjaša Zajc, CTO Dominik Žnidar. Front row: Blockchain Developer Nejc Škerjanc, Medical Advisor Maja Zadel, ICT implementation advisor Lea Dias, Healthcare and Telemedicine Advisor Brian de Francesca, Head of Strategic Development Peter Kuralt, Blockchain Researcher Luka Perčič, eHealth Strategy Advisor Mate Beštek and Blockchain Developer & IT Security Advisor Črt Vavroš.

As mentioned in our introductory post, as well as in the interview with our main advisor, Andraž Logar (CEO of 3FS), the Iryo team was assembled and initially funded by 3FS — an innovative Slovenian IT firm focused on providing digital consulting to Fortune 500 companies across the globe. The products & services deployed by 3FS are extremely robust and large-scale, built by some of the most talented developers in the world. The Iryo team is fortunate to have access to its R&D arm, and proud to have such a collaborative and supportive team backing its efforts.

Slovenia currently ranks 3rd amongst number of ICOs per million inhabitants. The strong tech community gives Iryo immense support with the development of blockchain solutions and access to legal experts.

The core team behind Iryo:

Vasja Bočko (CEO) was a product lead at 3FS for over two years. Soon after, joined Bitstamp as a senior product manager — one of the oldest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. There he gained a deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency related processes. He has a background in finance, IT and political science. He briefly worked in the financial industry before diving headfirst into disruptive tech. He worked for a Swiss startup, delivering a music streaming service shortly before joining 3FS, where he was directly invovled in supporting the biggest social media network in Mexico. At its peak, the network was supporting more traffic than Wikipedia globally. Vasja has recently worked as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies and strongly believes that blockchain has the potential to revolutionise industries that have traditionally seen little advances through IT. As leader of the Iryo team, Vasja will aim to build the next generation healthcare platform, addressing current downfalls like data security, global interoperability and self-soverign medical identity.

Dominik Žnidar (CTO) is a senior backend developer, specialised in Golang, Erlang and PHP programming. He has been with 3FS for over 3 years, working shoulder to shoulder with Vasja on highly demanding, large-scale IT projects. Before joining 3FS, he worked with Spil games in Amsterdam, ensuring their high traffic web-apps worked smoothly.

Tjasa Zajc (Business Developer & Healthcare Communications Manager) worked as a healthcare and medical journalist prior to joining Iryo. She researches global trends in healthcare through the production of a podcast Faces of Digital Health. She holds a masters degree in health management and economics, has expertise and an extensive network in digital healthcare. She is part of different international healthcare organizations such as Startupbootcamp, Digital Health Berlin, and Future for health (FTR4H). Tjaša has organised three international conferences on digital healthcare in Slovenia and participates at various international healthcare events as a speaker and a moderator.

Peter Kuralt, (Head of Strategic Development) is responsible for Iryo’s operations and R&D. He has extensive experience in product development, project management, and strategic branding. He has worked with 3FS on two independent projects as project manager and worked as an application engineer with SRC Infonet — the biggest healthcare IT vendor in Slovenia. He has a background in philosophy, is certified in AWS Associate developer and currently leads a team that is researching augmented reality solutions (Hololens) within the healthcare industry.

Luka Perčič (Lead Blockchain Researcher), is the founder and CEO of ZeroPass. He is the creator of the ZeroPass Security System (a private key recovery manager) and the driving force behind the ZeroPass team. He is the lead blockchain specialist for the Iryo team, responsible for building and maintaining the token distribution protocols. He is a passionate inventor and tinkerer. His first project was Keyboarder, a machine learning, typing assistant. He is passionate about data security and enforcing highly effective protocols regarding the security and privacy of his end-users. He has been closely following the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions since 2011. Luka testified as an expert witness in a deep-web related legal case in Slovenia.

Črt Vavroš (Blockchain Developer and IT Security Advisor), is co-founder and CTO of ZeroPass. He’s in charge of the security behind the Iryo ledger and smart contracts. Graduated from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. Črt has more than six years of experience in software development, computer security and cryptography. He has unparalled vision, which inspired the innovation and design behind the ZeroPass keychain & private key recovery manager. He has been working on different projects on a variety of international teams. He’s been a software developer, project manager and a security advisor). Some of his most notable work includes developing the secure backup software solution at Virgo-In, Sarl (France) and developing the payment protocol based on bitcoin blockchain technology at Inovatium d.o.o. (Slovenia).

Nejc Škerjanc (Software Developer), has broad experience in developing large scale software used in accounting and security. He’s an experience web programmer in PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, Apache servers, etc. He implemented ZeroPass’ business logic 2015 written in C++and has experience in developing and producing iOS applications written in Objective-C.

He is a Co-founder of ZeroPass and holds a MSc (and a BSc) in Computer and Information Science. His master’s thesis focused on computer vision algorithms (using RGB, infrared and depth data streams). The title of his thesis is “Real-time augmented reality of user motion on a mobile device using depth sensors.” The thesis was written in C++.

We are privileged to have the support and the collaboration of top international experts focused on improving healthcare IT, medicine, cryptographic and blockchain technology.

Our current advisors are:

Andraž Logar (CEO at 3fs),

Maja Zadel (Former CEO of Primary Care center, PHD in genetic research),

Brian de Francesca (Healthcare executive, CEO of Ver2 Digital Medicine),

Mate Beštek (Former state secretary at the Slovenian Ministry of Health),

Lea Dias (Strategy Consultant for ICT/Healthcare Robotics),

Homero Rivas (Director of Innovative Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine),

Moka Lantum (Physician, Scientist, Social Entrepreneur).

Tomaž Štolfa (Tech Entrepreneur).

Some of our advisors have already shared their views on the state of healthcare and reasons for supporting Iryo. You can read them in our Medium publication.

Read more about Iryo on our website and in our Whitepaper.

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