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A cooperation with Nassau

Hello, I’m Isda. I brought the news of the agreement after a long time.

ISDA (International Sports Data Alliance), a blockchain-based digital soccer platform prepared by sports content company Allive Creative, signed an agreement with Korea’s leading sports brand Nassau on the 16th ahead of the application launch.

Currently, ISDA app is waiting for Android and IOS to be reviewed. The ISDA app is being developed with the goal of opening the first one in April and opening the entire service in June.

ISDA is a blockchain-based, differentiated football base expansion platform that provides points and sports data tokens (SDT) when users share various ways to play and enjoy soccer on the ISDA app. The accumulated data will be applied to the AI analysis system to create various indicators and apply them to the entire industry.

These points and tokens can be used in various affiliates such as convenience stores and cafes nationwide from June. In addition, various products and services including sports products are available at the shopping mall operated by Nassau.

CEO of Nassau

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Ju Eun-hyung, CEO of Nassau said, “ Nassau has been growing through the sponsorship of the Korea Football Association and elite soccer for 30 years until last year. In the next 50 years, which will be the future of Nassau, we will establish ourselves as a digital-based sports company where teenagers and sports club members can enjoy soccer and develop their dreams. “The agreement with ISDA will be the first step.”

“There are many ways to enjoy soccer even in the Corona era,” said Chung Eui-seok, CEO of Olive, who organized the ISDA platform. “I want to create a soccer culture that we all enjoy, not the way someone suggests it. If the existing soccer industry is a top-down industry centered on elites, ISDA will create a soccer industry that is delivered from the bottom to the top, focusing on youth and club members. Through this agreement, it will contribute to revitalizing the domestic soccer industry.”

We hope you like ISDA’s future😊

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