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Hello, I’m ISDA. Here is the news of the release of the official version of the FOOTBALL PIE.

We started beta service last May. With 20,000 downloads for about two months, the official version was successfully released. FOOTBALL PIE is designed to build a video-based system that accumulates points when watching soccer so that personal training and app-tech can be conducted simultaneously according to the trends of 2030 and MZ generations.

Allive Creative plans to analyze videos posted by users with an artificial intelligence (AI) analysis system in the future and provide health-tech services.

In this official version, five systems were introduced.

  1. Point Shop : The accumulated points can be used in more than 30 convenience stores, famous cafes, and franchises nationwide.
  2. ‘Community’: You can watch user videos and comment and react.
  3. Challenges and Training: You can join soccer influencer The2top, which has about 740,000 followers on TikTok.
  4. Attendance check: You can get additional points by accessing every day.
  5. Ranking: It is ranked through soccer data.

Allive Creative will also work with HAECHI LABS, a blockchain company that supplies cryptocurrency wallet solutions, to apply Henesis, a virtual asset wallet solution for enterprises, in the second half of the year.
You can convert points into Sports Data Token (SDT), an ISDA virtual currency, using Henesis.

Allive Creative CEO

Jung Eui-seok, CEO of Olive, said, “We will continue to update content to grow it into an app that can provide personal analysis and recommendation services through AI analysis systems. Starting with FOOTBALL PIE, we are currently preparing other sports pie apps such as GOLF PIE and BASKETBALL PIE, also working on localization with officials from more than 20 countries in the Americas and Asia through the ISDA platform”

We hope you like ISDA’s future😊

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ISDA focuses on this reality and seeks to apply sports data analysis to the youth level. And the unique profit structure of the ISDA platform along with the operational know-how of the team members and partners will solve the existing problems.

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