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MOU (Allive Creative, Indulge Football)

Hello. This is ISDA.

In this posting, I will post about MOU of Alive Creative, the developer of ISDA.

Alive Creative, the developer of ISDA signed a MOU with British multi-purpose football solution company ‘Indulge Football’ on the 17th to find and foster advanced soccer prospects and activate a data-based training system.

Alive will train promising soccer players based on their expertise and technology, share their experience in the European and Asian markets such as overseas supply of wearable devices and platforms using the global youth capacity indicator platform ISDA (International Sports Data Alliance) through this MOU.

The United Kingdom-based Indulge Football is a 14-year-old football company with soccer experts, who offer customized solutions to the needs of various clients around the world. Recently, the business area is expanding throughout Asia starting from Korea.

CEO Chung Eui-seok, CEO of Alive, said “We expect to provide advanced soccer opportunities for promising players from all over Asia, starting in Korea. We will also export ISDA platforms and domestic soccer equipment overseas and seek continuous development so that Korean football can become a leader in the global market.”

Lee Rogers, CEO of Indulge Football, also said, “I have high expectations for entering Korea, which leads Asian soccer with Alive, a partner who has a special passion for soccer, and will start various projects by visiting Korea this year. Also, this year, the best European clubs’ coaches will visit South Korea and launch a project to discover and foster promising Korean players. Other projects will be carried out, so please look forward to it.”

Starting with this mou, the two companies are expected to expand the base of youth soccer in Korea and promote the sports industry based on domestic data.

Alive Creative is making progress with news of business agreements with various companies these days :-)

We hope you like ISDA’s future😊

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