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Slater Interview

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Lifestyle and travel blogger Charline shares her adventures on her blog through photography and graphic design. We discovered her when she created a winter wallpaper with the Slate!

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Who are you Charline ?

I live in France close to Metz and I work in communication in Luxembourg. I’ve never really studied graphic design. I have always been passionate about drawing and got attract to digital art a few years ago. I am self-taught and I still haven’t acquired all the skills, but I’m getting there! I have been creating wallpapers for over a year now but this was the first time I was using the Slate to do it.

How did the Slate change your creative process?

I have always been drawing and sketching with pencil on paper. I have a hard time getting away from traditional tools. In addition, I am still having a hard time getting the hang of Illustrator. So when I discovered the Slate on Facebook, it turned out to be the ideal tool for me. It digitizes my hand drawings in real time. A dream come true! The Slate enabled me to be quicker and more comfortable in my creations.

How did you get started with your blog?

I launched my blog with a friend but quickly took over on my own. This blog focuses on my travel experiences, lifestyle topics and all the things I like to talk about and share.

What’s next?

My goals are to continue working on my blog, improve my wallpapers and find more time to continue acquiring new skills. My next wallpapers will arrive this Spring ;).

New Spring wallpaper created by Charline with the Slate:



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