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Grade ‘F’ to ‘A+’ Journey

How did I manage to improve my grades? Here’s my journey!

These study tips made me to get A+ | Why you can’t get
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Generally, for most of the students.

Study is one of the toughest jobs to do.

This is a general statement that definitely comes to the mind of every student. There’s no difference between an ordinary and high-achieving student. Check out the Report.

But unfortunately, most of the students don’t want to face it. Out of fear, they ignore what will happen. Obviously, the result is bad. Poor performance leads to poor results and children end up studying.

But, I personally think that study isn’t too tough. Even you can go above 95%, by just studying 1–2 hours daily.

It doesn’t matter for how many hours do you study? It matters how you study? What do you know about the topic? Check the Report by Science Direct.

Instead of leaving the study, we should see where the difficulties are coming. Find a solution where the rumbling is happening.

Instead of leaving the field, we need to make strong decisions. This is the thinking that drives us to success.

This is my story of how I made good grades out of bad grades.

First Day at School

It was the start of my school era. In fact, it was the first time when I went to school.

I was very shy and a sensitive child. I knew nothing except the basic alphabets of English and Urdu. In addition, basic operations of Mathematics.

Study Tips that you shouldn’t miss
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It was the time when summer vacations were end and schools reopened. 1st Term’s exams were about to be conducted. After two to three days, exams started. I prepared well according to me. Hoping for the best, I reached the exam hall and take the exam.

Soon, exams were ended and school studies went on routine. For a couple of days, I was totally unable to understand even a single word spoken by the teacher.

I was anxious, nervous. I wasn’t understanding a single term. This was just because, I never had gone to a school before that.

I failed badly

These Study Tips made my Journey Easy
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The results came a week later. I saw that my result was very bad. I couldn’t even tell anyone. It was about 10%, I was failed badly in the 1st term.

My teachers called my mother and told her, your child is stupid, he can’t even understand the basics. My mother returned home sad. She didn’t say a word to me. One day later, she told me to work hard and prove the teachers wrong. It was like a challenge and I accepted it.

Because failures are part of life. Don’t worry, learn from them.

This statement awakened my spirit and I started doing really work hard. I studied day in and day out. After a couple of months, mid-term exams came.

Just before mid-terms I was prepared good for the exams.

But, still some part remains. So, there’s always a gap for perfection.

My first progress

Never miss these study tips for good grades
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Mid-term exams were about to be held and I was preparing tough. Soon, the exams started and I took them. After a week, the results appeared on the board and I stood second in my class by scoring 85%. That was a big success for me.

Every teacher appreciated my effort. But, still there was something that I wanted to achieve. Guess what?

I wanted to be perfect and give 100%. That’s why, I asked my teachers very politely to point out the mistakes in my exam sheet, and how can I correct them?

Teachers told and explained me in a very good way. I still remember the pieces of advice given by my wise teachers. They guided me, “how to study?” and “how to attempt paper correctly?”. That was a good session.

Do you study daily but don’t get expected results? This article is going to helpful for you.

I followed the instructions given by the teachers and kept working hard. I also prayed five times a day and also made Dua from Allah SWT for success.

Indeed, Allah SWT is the best decider.

The annual Exams date-sheet appeared on the notice board and I was just putting my best. Finally, the annual exams started and I took all the exams. Exams were done well.

Finally, the result came out

These study tips are good enough to make A+
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In this short period between exams and results, I prayed Tahajjud Prayers and made Dua.

Finally, the result appeared on the board. My heart was beating as it would come out of my body. Frightened, I put a glance at the list. Imagine that scenario. Guess what did I see?

I saw my name was on the top. Yes! That’s right I topped the exam by scoring ‘A+’ (~91%). It was just the most amazing moment at that time I’d ever felt.

This incident just changed my life. After that day, I always got 1st rank in the whole school.

The story happened when I was in 6th grade (2015–2016).

What tips I followed for achieving the target?


I took the whole game as a challenge and dedicated all my thinking to studies. I took it seriously. I asked many people about core concepts and main points.


I became much more focused than ever. I drew a sketch for analysis for my study targets. Managed my time and made small goals to achieve to bigger one.


I followed the smart-work. I did all the stuff that will suit my studies. I read different reference articles. In short, I relied much more on smart-work than hard-work.


I set daily targets and achieved them. With the help of Allah, I became able to achieve bigger targets.


I didn’t give up. I stuck with my work for months. That’s why in the end I won the race.


Sometimes, little happiness and small incidents create an immense path for your life. They help in advancing and moving ahead. So, always keep remembering such incidents.

You might be interested in reading the below story as well.

Do you have a such a kind of memory? Share it with us.



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