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3 min readJun 27, 2020


Start with why?

Legendary talk by Simon Sinek:

Deep adaptation

The key term to become familiar with: “deep adaptation”

Original PDF: lifeworth.com/deepadaptation.pdf

an opportunity to reassess their work and life in the face of an inevitable near‑term social collapse due to climate change

In order to remain on the same page, it is essentially important to get an understanding of this term… It’s not about a polar bear losing habitat, it’s about forced migration and collapse of society as we know it.

Still frame from “Before the Flood”: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5929776/

Earth Regenerators

There is still some hope.

COVID shows us the change is possible.

As much as possible I would like to focus on the positive aspects and what we can do… Check it out: earth-regenerators.mn.co — how about a network of learning centres?

BaseX can provide a solid base for scientists, researchers, makers, hackers, artists to work together on regenerative projects. Think POC21 innovation camp but all the time:

Doing what I can with what I have

2017: astralship.org

I recently visited the astralship again and had a chance to tell my story…

COVID, lockdown, didn’t have a haircut in a long time 😎

2018: COP24

Part of the Hack4Climate hackathon: https://genesis.re/360/cop24/

2019: genesis.re/book

We need to change, but what to do exactly? Empowering leaders with a set of actionable policies that agreeable and ready. to deploy right now: genesis.re/book

2020: BaseX

Levelling up social media, marketing, branding, outreach, fundraising game.

BaseX is the culmination of all the years of effort…

Dig deeper

If that is of interest to you, I encourage you to dig deeper…



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