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3 min readAug 3, 2020


Network State Genesis

Building post-COVID New World Order in real-time, get yourself passport NFT:

Planetary Council



We need to change how we communicate climate emergency.

We need to change the business model of the attention economy.

Supporting the work of and
The Social Dilemma on Netflix:


  • Change the law
  • Change the rules
  • Change the game

It is the government that establishes the law.

It is the people who vote for the government.

It is the media that people what to do.

Focus on the media, focus on the law too.


Turn-key solution, all the information laid out in a clear and concise way.

Summary in seven words:

  1. Land Use
  2. Emissions Trading System
  3. Energy Storage
Empowering leaders with a set of actionable policies that agreeable and ready to deploy:

United Nations

Politicians and negotiators are good at politics and negotiating.

Scientists are good at science.

We need more artists and storytellers (once again spotlight on media) to explain what actually is going on.

“hack the planet” COP24:

Talks, tweets, podcast appearances

Definitely a fair dose of logic and critical thinking. Hacking the mindset and behavioral economics, rewriting operating system for humanity.


Paradigm shift:

Changing the incentives

Supply chain transparency

Global trade CO2 emissions tracking

Cold supply chain for vaccines — Great Humanitarian Challenge

Great Reset

Alarmist never

Factual data from reputable sources: UN, IPCC, World Bank, IMF, WEF, NASA.

Forgiveness. Acceptance. Deep Adaptation.

Maybe it is not too late to avoid catastrophic climate collapse?


Open to more podcasts and other media appearances.

These days every entrepreneur is a media company.

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