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Dragonfly 44

The dark galaxy

Credit: Pieter van Dokkum, Roberto Abraham, Gemini Observatory/AURA — Two views centered on Dragonfly 44. The right view is an enlargement of the left view, acquired with the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii

Dragonfly 44 is located in the Coma cluster, about 100 megaparsecs or almost 330 million light-years from Earth. It belongs to a type of galaxy called UDG, which stands for Ultra Diffuse Galaxies. UDGs are characterized by a very low surface brightness, have a rounded appearance, a red color, and lack remarkable characteristics.




A collection of the best galaxy images produced by the largest ground and space observatories, with brief informative notes on the observed galaxies

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Michele Diodati

Science writer with a lifelong passion for astronomy and comparisons between different scales of magnitude.

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