An industry with a heart? Isobar Budapest CD, Márton Jedlicska’s top 5 charity campaigns

As Bill Clinton said when he was speaking at the Cannes Lions a couple years ago, this industry has the power to change people’s behaviour. It was why he believes creative people are the ones who can turn things around for a better world.

As a Creative Director at Isobar Budspest, I strongly believe in this mentality. Sadly, even though we have access to expertise and powerful tools, there area thousands of unsolved problems in this world. For example as a team we are dedicated to helping Unicef and I am so proud to have aunched a new initiative to help kids in Syria. Here it is, see what you think.

Every year when I’m here in Cannes pro bono and work for good are celebrated in the Cannes awards. I know the week is not over but here are my 5 favourites so far:

Breathless Choir from Ogilvy London

This work shows how can technology make a difference and be charming. See it here.

Manboobs from David

This is both effective and funny. Serious doesn’t always have to be sad. See it here.

Project Literacy from FCB Inferno

This case shows the importance of education in a beautiful way. I love the craft of this. See it here.

The First Braille Smartwatch from Serviceplan

I love to see agencies coming up with this type of ideas — it’s brave work. See it here.

Music Speaks for Spotify — made by two Berghs student from Sweden.

I just watched the Future Lions award ceremony and really liked this case. Top Tip: the Future Lion winners are alway something to watch.. See it here.

So on top of making brands greater we can do the same to our little planet.

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