Catch up with Daniel Sytsma, Founder & Creative Director, Kraftwerk Linked by Isobar

Sep 22, 2017 · 3 min read

We were excited to announce that Amsterdam based products and service design shop, Studio Kraftwerk, joined the Isobar family yesterday. So we spoke to Founder and Creative Director, Daniel Sytsma, to find out more about the story behind the business, his thoughts on new opportunities for brands, and more.

Hi Daniel, a big welcome to you and the Studio Kraftwerk team to Isobar! You’re the Founder and CD of Studio Kraftwerk, what’s the story behind the business?

Thanks. Happy to join the Isobar family!

I started Studio Kraftwerk 3 years ago with Boris Nihom (Founder & Strategy Director) to bridge the gap between brand building and digital products. We believe that modern brands are increasingly built through a series of successful interactions, rather than through advertising alone. We create digital products with a big focus on creativity and craft as we think this is the way to create remarkable experiences. In an ideal world, those services create powerful stories that create brand preference and loyalty.

Since then, we’ve created an ecosystem for connected cars, a service that turns airport transfers into mini holidays with an Amsterdam local, an app that allows you to share a Porsche with friends and a connected button that helps you brush your teeth better. All innovations on the intersection of marketing and hardcore product development. You can see a lot of that in our showreel.

The last year we’ve been talking with Sven Huberts, Isobar’s Director of Strategic Growth EMEA, about joining forces. We bring the agility and talent of a boutique agency to the global Isobar network and will help build the digital products proposition in the EMEA region.

Kraftwerk Linked by Isobar is a creative and design shop. How important is creativity, design and craft in a world increasingly data-led?

Increasingly important. Smart use of data brings great opportunities for us, it can give us insights, create smarter experiences or drive new business models. It can also lead to uninspired, risk-averse products that might work functionally but lack magic.

It’s the role of designers and creatives to think of surprising and desirable scenarios with data at its core. In the end data is about creating value through smart connections. Successful brands are able to leverage those and digital products that work at scale.

What’s the creative and digital landscape like in The Netherlands, and what are the big opportunities for brands?

The Netherlands is a progressive market, often a testing ground for brands to pilot new products. At the same time, Amsterdam is a cultural melting pot that attracts talented international creatives, technologists and designers. The level of maturity in digital, design and creativity is therefore very high. That makes this a go-to place for start-ups and innovative corporates.

How is AI likely to impact our industry, and are you scared or excited?

As long as your job is not repetitive, you don’t need to be scared. For us creatives and designers, AI gives us opportunities to create more powerful experiences. Because of AI and other technical advances it’s getting easier each day to make global impact with a good idea.

Finally, if you could give one piece for advice for creating great ideas and beautiful designs, what would it be?

In our industry we tend to look more and more at methods to manage risk in product development. Agile, lean startup, scrum, co-creation, etcetera. While I believe we need to know the rules, we should also know when to break them and allow space for autonomous creativity.

Taking the time to do good style definition, create a strong product vision or find that one power feature that will make your work stand out is crucial if you want to make good work.

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