Catch up with Tim Doherty, Isobar Asia-Pacific Chief Creative Officer

Tim Doherty, Isobar Asia-Pacific Chief Creative Officer

With the recent announcement that Tim Doherty has been promoted from Isobar China Group Chief Creative Officer, to CCO for Isobar Asia-Pacific - we decided to catch up with him about his new role, creativity in the region and much more.

What are your thoughts on the current state of creativity (in general) in Asia?

I’ve been working in China for almost nine years and am just now stepping into a regional role. I’m not sure I am so qualified to speak about the current state of creativity in general across all of Asia. But in China, things seem to be somewhat more creative. There definitely seems to be a real entrepreneurial energy in the country with young people trying to create different kinds of new businesses.

One of the key focus in your new role will be to integrate the creative teams with disciplines such as strategy, technology, innovation, UX and consulting. Which of these do you feel is a more natural fit with creativity?

In Shanghai, Tech and Creative sit together as one big extended team. My head of creative sits right directly with my head of technology and innovation. At Isobar, we are supposed to be all about the creative use of digital so I think it is critical that these two disciplines be as close as can be.

Coca-Cola has been a client of Isobar for many years. Do you feel that the type of work you do for them has changed in that time?

It is such a privilege to get to work with a brand like Coca-Cola, and to do so for so many years has been one of the most amazing things of my career. I think that the work we do for them has changed as new digital technologies and platforms have emerged over the past nine years. Right now, WeChat is king (the Facebook of China, built for mobile use). Therefore, simple and short lived mobile/social engagements are popular marketing approaches. We’ve been doing a lot of that kind of work recently.

Finally, you worked on a lot of award-winning campaigns during your time at Isobar and even prior to that. Which piece of work are you most proud of and why?

I’m still most proud of Lyric Coke. It was a big campaign for Coke in China. The team came up with a really interesting digital interaction that let people grab short music clips off Coke bottles and share them in social, which really was innovative. Even now, when interviewing potential candidates, they will freely cite that campaign as one that made them remember Isobar.