How will technology change the way we celebrate Christmas?

Jan 3, 2017 · 3 min read

One of my favourite Christmas tales is “A Christmas Carol” which tells the story of the old miser Scrooge, who transforms into a generous, kind man after he is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.

That got me thinking — what will Christmas in the future look like? A future that could be filled with all the latest technological advancements. Well, this is how I think we could be celebrating Christmas in the future.

The biggest headache everyone faces is gift-shopping. You brave the traffic jams, and fight for a parking space only to encounter ‘human jams’ in the shopping malls. But what if there was a highway of self-driving cars — to get you where you need to go, just like in Minority Report? Heading to a mall would be a breeze then.

Once you’re there, there could be conveyor belts (like at a sushi restaurant) with LCD screens where you could pick out presents and at the end of the conveyor belt, your gift would be wrapped and ready to be picked up. Payment could be made just by walking through a scanner that detects your DNA (for verification) and chosen gift. Bet that would be a less stressful shopping experience!

Instead of having to look through the directory to find your favourite shoe shop, you could just map out the location and directions through a few quick taps on your connected glasses.

And what if buying clothes for loved ones was as simple as inputting in a photo of the receiver, so you could see if that blouse, in that colour, would suit your sister-in-law? Even better, we could just 3D print any gift we wanted to give and have it drone-delivered to friends and family.

Now, many a family make an event out of decorating the Christmas tree, and in the future, this could include augmented reality (AR). Your Christmas tree would not only be decorated with twinkling lights and baubles, but you could add falling snow and even a flying Santa! You could even transform your entire living room to resemble the bustling snow-covered streets of London at Christmastime if you so choose.

And come dinner time, robots would prepare your food, using fresh food from a fridge that is connected to a grocer and automatically restocks your daily essentials like milk, eggs, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables…all through teleportation. ‘Beam my food in, Scotty!’

As you sit down at the dinner table, friends and family from around the world could still join the Turkey dinner as a hologram or through AR. Food would be served and plates cleared, by the same robots that prepared your food.

After dinner, the men in the family who would rather be at a football match could catch the game via VR headset, and the rest of the family could play a live interactive board game, or watch their favourite movies through hologram instead of on a regular TV.

At the stroke of midnight, the whole family could be gathered around the Christmas tree to open presents. Gifts could range from a pretty lifelike robo-doll for your niece that changes outfits with a swipe of a finger, a mind-controlled toy car for your son that flies, and for your family, a high-tech cooker set that cooks food after you put all the raw ingredients in and key in the dish name, or the latest top of the range virtual reality AV system.

With that, Christmas, and any time of the year, really would be a magical time thanks to technology.

But it’s back to the present for now, as I need to pop out to the supermarket and buy a turkey and some wine. Merry Christmas everyone!

Alina Morais, Regional PR Manager, Isobar Asia Pacific

Isobar Global Blog

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Isobar Global Blog

Experience-led Transformation

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