Esther Olaosebikan
Jul 14, 2018 · 5 min read
Me live at StartUp 180

The advent of technology has influenced the present world we all live in, this might seem quite logical in writing but it is actually evident in reality. I only have ignorance to thank for my late realization of the pinnacle of technology and how my future is dependent on the growth of new innovations.

If someone told my forefathers that this current generation would be dependent on a tablet to direct how we live, they would probably believe in the superiority of witchcraft. I have come to a full acknowledgment that the influence of tech stems from a term I call an entrepreneurs perfect trifecta i.e. to solve world problems, earn an income and leave a legacy. No wonder majority of the richest men and women in the world have strong affiliations with the tech community.


As a curious student of the great citadel, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, it took me a while to invest myself in the field of tech because I felt the only angle I could go for was the consumer base. Tech words were like Klingon to mere mortals or spells to Muggles, the technicality behind it gave me brain freeze. There is a bridge that seems to separate the tech geeks from those who believe AI to be two letters of the alphabet only. I had no idea that there are different communities on my campus that devote themselves to implementing the skills that transforms the tech complexities I see as aesthetics on my phone screen.

I can say it has been a journey in itself and I was more than happy to go on an observation quest to connect with the future the world is about to see. My first event was the eye opener I needed to initiate myself into this different world that focuses more on creating innovative ideas thereby fueling my imagination.


On the 26th of May 2018, I believed my Saturday would be all about my reading and relaxation until I had a rude awakening and I decided to tryout this event hosted by individuals from different tech and entrepreneurial communities and it might seem cliché but it changed my life. The speakers devoted their time to a thorough analysis of how to make a difference as entrepreneurs dwelling on various topics like product to market fit, funding the right ideas, passion vs. solution, market positioning etc.

L-R Kelvin Umechukwu, Bamidele Toyin, Tunji Opayele and Nifemi Oluboyede (Speakers)

The atmosphere during this meet-up stirred an inherent need to make a difference, earn a living and take well-structured advice from alumnus of OAU like Nifemi oluboyede , Francis Sanni etc. The opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas was given to them and I was amazed at the hidden gems that emerged which challenged me to finally take steps and make my dreams a reality. Attendees were also given the opportunity to network and relate to themselves and the speakers. The platform for the panel to answer questions and give their views on how entrepreneurs can make an ideas profitable by going after value seemed to be the theme that spoke volumes.

This event exposed me to the opportunities that OAU students have, yet most students are quite ignorant of how to access them. Bear in mind, this was the first of many but I was still a novice of half the terms that were uttered by this tech savvy entrepreneurs and it was sad to say I still didn’t get the humor in some silicon valley jokes my tech friends relish in.


At Techpoint Inspired

This event was a necessary fix after the first, I had to live up to my newly acquired title “enthusiast’’ and an added bonus was that it happened to be a road trip from OAU to the Pistis conference center, Lekki in Lagos state on the 29th of May 2018. Some might call it a huge leap commitment for my level of understanding as this is the largest tech conference in Nigeria but I defend my actions by simply saying different strokes for “different folks’’.

The trip in itself was a major success and the imagery that best describes it is the experience a child has in an ice cream store. Words do not come close to explaining how this event inspires and transforms ones perception as a tech guru or in my enthusiastic perspective. 30 speakers graced the stage to educate over 5000 attendees on various aspects or domain of tech and its influence on the Nigerian economy i.e. fintech and banking, open banking, the future of crypto currency and Blockchain in Nigeria, How AI [Artificial intelligence] is revolutionizing marketing, the future of robotics and internet of things in Africa, building an African technology ecosystem etc. Due to the tight schedule, I was unable to stay for all the scheduled programs but the networking, likeminded conversations initiated and the knowledge gained from the few speakers is enough to broaden one’s intelligence and opportunities in the world till the next Techpoint inspired. There was an ambiance of innovative manifestations and a required intellectual upgrade that one devoid of knowledge would be forced to partake of.

The trip enabled a bond to grow between members of different communities on OAU campus and it was an amazing experience to talk to people who are willing to build a legacy and make a difference in the society.

Now that’s just a summary of my first set of tech events, there’s more to come stay tuned. Remember to clap and share!


Ife trying to join the Nigerian technological…


Ife trying to join the Nigerian technological psuedo-bubble, contains stories about our little wins and tiny achievements all from the eyes of concerned tech enthusiasts

Esther Olaosebikan

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Ife trying to join the Nigerian technological psuedo-bubble, contains stories about our little wins and tiny achievements all from the eyes of concerned tech enthusiasts

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