Day 13 of 40: Serve G-d continued

Service through the courage to be true to self

Continued from Day 12.

Theme for Day 13: Serve G-d continued

“Make up your mind to serve your G-d with your gifts and talents. Impact lives, be a catalyst of change and transformation and access each window of opportunity to serve.”

Surfing the waves of hunger pangs at various intervals throughout the day has been a challenging and interesting experience. Although it’s early days and I’m still very much in the throws of this day fast, it has been wonderful to feel hungry again! Like a long lost friend warmly welcomed home, I’m grateful for this sensation’s return.

Affirmation that we are meant to journey together.

This morning I met up with a soul sister who has been a source of support and strength for me in recent months. It had been around six weeks since we last connected. There were so many things to share, from the decision to resign, moving into my mom’s while looking for a place, to starting this forty-day spiritual fast, to a commitment to blog about it daily as well as honouring daily insights or magical moments by recording them on camera and starting a monthly mindfulness gathering.

Plus, heaps to share in terms of the gifts of insights, stories and shifts in thinking through my first thirteen days on this journey!

There was more than one occasion in our catching up where my enthusiastic heart-centred sharing sparked her own insights, as I was witness to her eyes tearing.

I was grateful for the affirmation that we are meant to journey together, to be present to one another, to hold space for one another’s growth and insights, to share from our deepest core. And that when we are sincerely inspired to share things with others, many a time, something we share can be a catalyst to their own ah-ha moments.

Picking a fruit from a seed planted years ago

It’s been a while now that I’ve heard of family constellations. It’s been something I’ve wanted to find out about for a long time now, another item added to my ever-growing list of awesome things I’d like to experience and learn more about.

This afternoon I was at a birthday tea party, and the topic of family constellations came up. This time what was amazing for me was that there was an opportunity for me to volunteer to be part of this process the very next day.

I had planted the seed of this desire many years ago. When it had come up previously, others had even remarked to me that they were sure it would be something I would resonate with. And then years later, so effortlessly, yet perfectly timed and coordinated, the opportunity presented itself.

Tree hugging and living with courageous authenticity.

I arrived home early evening. It was almost six. I felt like going for a walk along the golf course. My mom’s place is just up the road from a long street that follows along a perimeter of a golf course. The stretch of road along this perimeter has grass and beautiful trees intermittently.

As I was walking along, I was struck by the beauty, power, and presence of the trees. I am a tree hugger through and through!

I felt called as I walked to hug a tree. But these weren’t trees in a private garden, these were trees along the roadside, with cars, joggers walkers coming past every now and again.

There was no one around, the next tree I came to, I wrapped my arms around it. I heard a car coming, and thought it may look weird, and pulled away to continue walking.

I reflected on what had just happened. Why was I so concerned about what a total stranger driving past for a split second may think? If I wanted to hug a tree, why not hug a tree, no matter who may pass by, and no matter what they may think?

So the next tree I came to I decided I’d embrace it until I felt ready to continue my walk, regardless of any passer-by.

Two wonderful things happened.

Thing one: As I embraced the tree. I closed my eyes, the full length of my body, my arms, my face, feeling the strength of the tree. I found myself expressing gratitude to the tree, to all trees. It started with gratitude for the oxygen, then gratitude for the paper, the books, the warmth (firewood), the transportation through the years (from boats to wagons), the shelter (from shade, to homes, stairs and outdoor structures), the furniture (from tables, to chairs, cabinets, benches), the fun (from toys to playground equipment) and on it went.

I was inspired to use this as a regular gratitude practice. Each day, to select something specific and then express gratitude for everything I can think of associated with whatever I selected.

Thing two: As I was embracing this tree, I heard a voice, ‘I’m coming to join you!’ It was a jogger and her friend. She ran up to the tree and also embraced it. We smiled and laughed sharing it was fabulous to meet a fellow tree hugger. Somewhere during our brief conversation, this jogger said something like, ‘Whatever it is you’re facing, you’re going to get through it all. And you will create and manifest wonderful things.’

It felt as if it was Source speaking to me. A reminder that the Universe has my back! ‘No worries, all G-d, all good :)’ (Day 12)

The inpsiration for this new daily gratitude practice and this encounter with the jogger ONLY took place because I was brave enough to step forward to do what was feeling authentic to me. Yes it was in a small way, but it got me to experience stepping boldly into a place of stretching beyond a comfort zone and experiencing the resultant possibilities and rewards.

I would like to keep this momentum alive in me, and use this memory to fuel my stepping courageously beyond my comfort zone, trusting the value and rewards, even and especially when they may not be immediately revealed!

For me living this way is another significant and powerful contributing layer of living in service of G-d!

Thank you, Day 13! Continues on Day 14.



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